/ / "Iodine-Active" - ​​an excellent source of energy and energy

"Iodine-Active" - ​​an excellent source of energy and energy

Everyone knows what iodine is. People treat it with alcohol and scratches and wounds. However, there is another iodine that is used for internal use.

The element enters the body with water and food andparticipates in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, the functions of which largely depend on the presence of this component. Hormones affect the brain, the activity of the nervous system, the milk and sex glands, without which the normal development and growth of the child is unthinkable.

The main cause of hormonal disorders isiodine deficiency, which has no pronounced external character and is called "hidden hunger". Most often, children suffer from iodine deficiency, which makes it difficult to study in school, to perceive new knowledge.

To eliminate these gaps, there is"Iodine-Active," which is a drug prescribed for a deficiency in the body of the same name element. The pharmaceutical agent found wide application in modern medicine. It is used to fight many diseases of the thyroid gland. Another medicine is used to treat the physical or mental development of the child. In many cases, Iodine-Active is prescribed to pregnant or lactating mothers. The drug will also help people exposed to radiation. A person living in an area with an unfavorable ecological situation will also benefit from the useful properties of this drug.

To use the medicine, there are somelimitations. It can not be used by those with individual intolerance to the components of the drug. And it includes milk protein and organic compounds of iodine. The drug "Iodine-Active" is an organic compound of ordinary iodine, the atoms of which are built into the molecule of milk protein. For the first time, the idea of ​​combining it with iodine for health promotion was expressed by Pavel Florensky, a clergyman and Russian scientist.

This medicine can be considered a close analogue of mother's milk, the first drops of which a person receives after his birth.

The uniqueness of the drug lies in the fact thatdeficiency of the substance "Iodine-Active" is well absorbed, with excess amount of iodine is excreted from the human body and does not enter the thyroid gland. This phenomenon is possible due to the elimination of iodine under the influence of liver enzymes, produced at its lack, from milk protein. When the amount of iodine in the body is in sufficient quantity, the production of enzymes stops, and iodine is not absorbed into the blood and is eliminated naturally.

The medicine is developed by the scientific center of medicalradiology for solving the problem of iodine deficiency and is recommended for people suffering from a lack of substance as an additional source of iodine. When creating the medicine, unique long-term experience in the prevention and treatment of pathologies of the thyroid gland and hypothyroidism, including those that occurred after the Chernobyl accident, was taken into account.

Iod-Active: instructions for use

According to the prescriptions of doctors to adults, the drugit is recommended to take in the amount of one to two tablets per day. An important point is the condition of taking the medicine before the meal itself. Children are given one tablet a day. Duration of treatment "Iodine-Active" is 3-4 weeks. After that, a week break is done, and the course of treatment is repeated again.

There are various analogues of this medicine. For example, "Jodomarin", which is, in contrast to the drug "Iodine-Active", a biologically active substance and having several other functions. If you have a question about what to take, "Iodine-Active" or "Iodomarin", you should contact an endocrinologist.

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