/ Milk thistle: good and bad. How to take milk thistle?

Milk thistle: good and bad. How to take milk thistle?

Milk thistle - an amazing vegetablea drug. The benefits that this medicine brings to the entire human body, and especially the liver, can be called unique without exaggeration. How to take milk thistle? We will talk about this in the article.

General information about milk thistle

Some medicinal plants are rare innature and are worth a lot of money. Milk thistle is ubiquitous and quite accessible. Ogorodnikam she is well known, because it refers to the weeds of the family of thistles. This unpretentious, tenacious, prickly plant can be seen in forests, fields and steppes. Stems sometimes reach a height of two meters. For use in the pharmaceutical industry, the seeds and leaves of the milk thistle are harvested in August, 2-3 weeks after flowering.

What is a cake

This little-known term is called groundseeds of a plant. Before grinding in them, by drying, the oil content is minimized. Only fully ripened seeds are suitable for preparing the meal. The resulting powder has a gray or brown tinge. Schroth thistle instruction describes how the product is recycled cake.

History of use in medicine

Thousands of years ago, antique healersthe milk thistle shrout was used. The benefits and harms of various plants were well known to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They considered thistle a powerful antidote, able to help with the bites of spiders and snakes. In the Middle Ages, many knowledge of ancient medicine were lost, but manuscripts describing the useful properties of this plant were preserved. European doctors of the Renaissance time believed that its seeds are very effective in the treatment of hepatitis. But real recognition is a wonderful natural tool found only in the middle of the twentieth century. Studies of German scientists have proved that milk thistle contains hundreds of components important for human health.

Milk thistle use and harm

Biochemical composition

A large number of necessary for healthvitamins, minerals, proteins and acids is found in the roots, stems and fruits of the plant. But the main advantage lies in the presence of a special kind of substances called flavolignanes. They perform a number of vital to the human body functions. These elements neutralize the effects of poisons of various origin, remove toxins and toxins, relieve inflammation and weaken allergic reactions. But the most valuable property is their ability to restore liver cells. These substances are contained in all parts of the plant, but most of all - in the fruit. It is from them that they produce such a popular milk thistle shrot. The benefits that it brings are due to the presence of a large number of these valuable elements.

Milk thistle


Recycle thistle seeds in a meal in homemadeconditions is quite possible. But drying and chopping fruits takes a lot of time and effort. In addition, the oil from the seeds must be removed very qualitatively. The industrial way to achieve the desired result is simple enough, but it will be difficult to do it at home.

Pharmaceutical products

Ready powder is sold in pharmacies. The weight of the package is usually one hundred grams. Some manufacturers also produce milk thistle in capsules and its extract based on alcohol or water. This healing plant is sometimes used instead of tea, and on sale there is a powder in disposable bags for brewing. In addition, in pharmacies, you can find a tableted thistle meal. The use and contraindications for each type of pharmaceutical product are described in detail in the attached instructions.

Proper storage

It should be taken into account that the drugthe agent may lose useful properties if it is in inappropriate conditions. The schrot should be kept in a dark place, in a tightly closed glass vessel. It should not be exposed to the sun's rays. It is necessary to protect the powder from moisture.

Advantages of milk thistle

Both official and alternative medicineunanimously admit the milk thistle. The benefit (reviews of doctors and patients indicate not only the health effect, but also the benefits of a natural herbal preparation over traditional medicines), it is obvious. Chemical drugs create an additional burden on the already damaged liver as a result of the disease. Milk thistle, on the contrary, has a beneficial effect on the whole organism: it helps to produce bile, normalizes blood sugar level, counteracts viral infections. This natural preparation is effective with the following ailments:

  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • viral hepatitis;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • gastritis;
  • pancreatitis;
  • eczema;
  • diabetes.

Healing powder helps to cope with the consequences of chemical and radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer.

Milk thistle use and harm how to apply


Before you take the milk thistle, you shouldconsult with an expert. The main unique property of this herbal preparation is the ability to purify the entire body of harmful substances and toxins. Healing powder counteracts all kinds of intoxications. In today's world it is almost impossible to protect yourself from all sources of pollution. Residents of large cities and industrial centers suffer from automobile exhaust fumes and industrial waste. In agriculture, a large number of toxic fertilizers are used. Antibiotics help cope with certain diseases, but their composition ultimately has a negative impact on health.

Milk thistle use and harm reviews

Protection and restoration of the liver

This body plays a critical role in themaintenance of health and normal functioning. It neutralizes all harmful substances that enter the human body. The liver has the ability for a few minutes to pass through itself all the blood and clear it of toxins. It not only protects the entire organism from poisoning, but also performs important functions related to digestion and metabolic processes. But sometimes the liver does not cope with its tasks, and the milk thistle can help it. Benefits and harm, simultaneously caused by chemical drugs of traditional medicine, are a serious argument for choosing a natural medicinal product. Included in its composition flavolignans not only protect and strengthen the liver cells, but also restore them even in case of severe damage.

Excretion of toxins and toxins

The cause of many ailments lies in the excessamount of harmful substances in the body. Most of the problems of the gastrointestinal tract arise because of a malfunction of the liver. If it loses the ability to remove toxins, they begin to negatively affect other internal organs. The appearance of rashes, acne and acne indicates that harmful substances accumulate in too much and enter the skin. Getting them into the blood vessels leads to cardiac diseases. Weakening of immunity and chronic fatigue are often the result of intoxication of the body. For all the above problems, it is recommended to use thistle meal. The benefits and harms of flavolignans contained in the ground fruits have not been adequately studied, but the long practice of using this medicinal plant confirms its beneficial effect on human health.

how to take thistle thistle

Methods of application

To achieve a healing effect,that the organism was fully absorbed milk thistle (meal). How to use? The patient's testimonies indicate that it is easiest to swallow one teaspoon of herbal remedy an hour before meals. Another way is to prepare a decoction. It is necessary to place in one liter of water 60 grams of the drug and boil until half of the liquid has evaporated. You can make a tincture based on alcohol, but you need to consult a doctor about using this method. In some cases, it is contraindicated.

It is worth noting that from individually selectedthe course of treatment depends on whether the thistle meal (benefit and harm) will be effective and safe for a particular patient. How to take this medicine to children? At the age of 7 to 12 years, the dose should be one third of a teaspoon. The powder can be added to porridge or jelly, but it is better to swallow it separately and wash it with warm water or milk.

Milk thistle instructions

Duration of application

The usual course of treatment for an adult is 30days. During the year it can be repeated no more than four times. The minimum break between the periods of taking the medicine should be two weeks. It is necessary to get a doctor's recommendation in order to appoint children under 7 years old milk thistle. The benefits of treatment will be maximum if the duration of application and dosage is determined by a qualified technician.

In cosmetology

For aesthetic procedures, oil is usually usedthis medicinal plant, but as a scrub, you can use thistle thistle. Benefits and harms of peeling with this powder depend on the sensitivity of the skin. If it is high, it is recommended to mix the herbal preparation with olive oil. It should be applied to the face and body and after a few minutes, rinse with water. A natural remedy helps with rashes and irritations.

Milk thistle application and contraindications

When losing weight

Many people who are overweight are notIt is possible to cope with this problem with the help of diets and physical exercises. The reason for excess kilos is the violation of digestion and metabolism. In such situations, you can resort to the help of milk thistle, which normalizes the metabolism in the body.

The oil and the buttermilk are used in cooking. They are added to salads, sauces, cereals and confectionery. It is worth noting that they do not contain components that burn fat and reduce appetite. To achieve the result, you must additionally apply other methods of getting rid of excess weight.

Side effects

It is worth collecting full information about the drug, ifyou plan to take milk thistle. Benefits and harm, feedback from people who have already used it for treatment and prevention, are important information. Any pharmaceutical agent has side effects. In the process of releasing liver cells from toxins, deterioration of well-being may be possible: dizziness and nausea. During cleansing, the body needs a liquid - you should drink more. If the condition does not improve, you need to reduce the dose of powder.


It is worth paying attention to the following contraindications:

  • Without the doctor's permission, you can not take milk thistle to pregnant women and nursing mothers. Harmful substances that are derived from the liver, get into the blood and breast milk.
  • Individual schrota intolerance is not excluded. One of its components can cause an allergic reaction.
  • In acute lesions of the bile ducts, the actionMilk thistle sometimes leads to their overload, movement of stones and a painful attack. The use of vegetable powder is dangerous for people who have such ailments.
  • Schrot is contraindicated in asthmatics, as it can provoke shortness of breath.

It is important to emphasize that even a natural remedy can cause harm if you do not consult your doctor before applying it.

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