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Separation of teeth: before and after

Separation of teeth is the creation of an aestheticcontour with the help of dental equipment. The procedure is performed in the dental office and passes completely painlessly, using a protective coating for the treated areas.

The doctor performs a cut along the contour for separationplot from the rest. This procedure is necessary for the possibility of installing braces or if necessary orthodontic correction of teeth. The enamel is grinded, the maximum depth of removal must be no more than 0.25 mm. This is necessary so as not to damage the sensitivity and integrity of the dental bone. This makes it possible to correct irregularities and correct bite without removing. Many dentists use a method of separation to establish the crown.

tooth separation

Many patients are concerned about a number of issues:

  • in which cases separation of teeth is necessary;
  • the consequences of the procedure;
  • effectiveness of this method.

The main advantage of separation is that,that this method of correction has no negative consequences for the patient. With the help of this method, any defects are corrected and all teeth are saved. The procedure makes it possible to increase the space between the teeth, to correct the incorrect development of the jaw in very complicated cases. For this purpose special burs, saws and other dental equipment are used.

Separation and its variants

Separation of teeth is carried out with a drill or specially designed for this nail file. This type of dental intervention is done in several ways:

  • Physiological is the installation between adjacent teeth of temporary stretch marks to create free space.
  • Mechanical - a partial removal of tooth enamel.

tooth separation reviews

When is it necessary to carry out separation?

The main indication and main task of theThe process of separation is the requirement to change the size or shape of the tooth, with the appearance of a free part for its displacement. This need appears in such situations:

  • Treatment during the delay of teething, namely during his retention.
  • Correcting of incorrect bite and curvature with the help of orthodontic instruments.
  • Prosthetics, namely the preparation of the tooth or tooth row to install the crown in the form of a bridge prosthesis.

To date, coronal dissection of the tooth is considered the most optimal alternative to traditional removal during bite correction.

separation of teeth

How is the separation process carried out?

The mechanical process occurs due to the turning of protruding teeth on the areas of their contact with adjacent incisors. For the implementation of this type of separation, devices of various types are used:

  • Two- or one-sided disc for separation. The majority of dentists believe that this option is the most accurate and sparing. But in this case much depends on the experience of the doctor himself. It is necessary to securely fix the tip with the nozzle and carefully remove the soft tissues with a mouth mirror in order to prevent their injury.
  • Special nail file.

At the end of the process, all sharp corners must becarefully polished. For the treatment of turned parts, a special material can be used, which during the application will protect the tooth enamel from subsequent destruction.

During the physiological processseparation into the natural interdental spaces are fixed specially created for this wedges. They are set for a certain period of time, which, as a rule, is no more than one day.

coronal dissection of tooth

The main advantage of separation

According to many dentists, at present, separation of teeth is the most gentle method of obtaining additional space between the teeth. This method has many advantages:

  • During this process, healthy teeth are not damaged, respectively, there is no need to remove them.
  • The procedure takes very little time and is relatively easy to conduct.
  • You can get as much free space as you need to perform a certain manipulation.
  • After the separation is completed, it is not necessary to restore the bone tissue of the teeth.
  • The process itself is painless, a person feels minor unpleasant sensations.

Disadvantages of separation

The process itself has practically no shortcomings. Separation of teeth before and after (photo), proves how effective this treatment is.

Separation of teeth before and after photo

Complications can appear very rarely and only if the doctor does the wrong thing. To side effects can include the following facts:

  • Local inflammation of the gingival tissue.
  • Damage to the pulp with further dying.
  • High sensitivity of the teeth that were treated.

Aesthetic recommendations

How does the separation of teeth before and after, you cansee in the photo below. During treatment it is absolutely necessary to observe the care and hygiene of the oral cavity. For this procedure, you need a special brush, paste and mouthwash. When wearing braces, rinse your mouth thoroughly so that no residue remains.

tooth separation before and after

To give a uniform and beautiful color, you can use bleaching. This process can be performed in a dental clinic or at home.

During treatment, the enamel can change color,therefore, it is absolutely necessary to perform an X-ray and to study the condition of the canals and root of the teeth. Changing the shade may occur due to taking medications. Excellent protect the enamel and create a smooth surface special veneers. Separating teeth involves adjusting the color to complete the healing process and creating an ideal smile.

To the dentist it is necessary to apply not less thantwice a year to perform an inspection. This is necessary to preserve the health of the teeth for many years. Separation can be performed in any dental clinic. After this procedure, a person who previously had defects, becomes the owner of ideal and beautiful teeth.

Patient Reviews

To conduct such a procedure, it is recommended thatapply only to the approved dental clinics, where experienced professionals work. In most cases, patients who have had tooth separation, the reviews leave positive. Correction done in this way is painless and very effective, allowing to create a beautiful, aesthetic appearance. To date, orthodontics has various methods that make it possible to perform treatment most comfortably, painlessly and effectively. The quality of such treatment depends entirely on the professionalism and qualifications of the dentist, therefore, the choice of a doctor should be taken seriously.

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