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Analogues and instructions "Respibron". Customer Reviews

Currently, his shaky healthcomplain not only elderly people, but also young - at the age of twenty to forty years, that already talk about children. What is happening to society today? Why are there so many sick people? It turns out that the reason lies in the lack of stable immunity. Let's see what immunity is. What measures need to be taken to restore and improve it?

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An important component of good health is strong immunity

A healthy person is a person whose organismknows how to deal with a lot of new strains of bacteria and viruses that constantly surround him, at the cellular level, to remember the enemies and not let them into the general physiologically healthy process of their functioning.

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What to do when illnesses visit your home too often?

Many of us have noticed such a picture, when inthe children are sick, the adults necessarily do not do without the sick. Why? The thing is that constant excessive physical exertion, polluted ecology, stress, overwork, bad habits, unbalanced nutrition make us weak and susceptible to various ailments. In other words, they weaken our immunity so much that it is practically absent.

Watching the sad picture of what is happening, many doctors have sounded the alarm. Particularly clearly the lack of a protective mechanism in humans is observed against the background of colds, acute respiratory infections, ARVI and influenza.

A solution was found. And it consists in the development of a new perfect immunity of mankind due to therapy with the use of immunomodulators. These drugs are designed for preventive measures with frequent colds and other diseases.

Modern immunomodulators: to trust or not?

Such drugs in the domestic marketThere are a lot of medicines. Consider one of them - the tablet "Respibron" - a little lower. In the meantime, let us touch on the question of whether or not to trust immunomodulators? If you study in detail instructions to them, it becomes clear that these funds are aimed at strengthening the potential forces of the human body to fight the viruses and bacteria that cause colds and flu.

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That is, a person does not wait passively until the virus strikes him and provokes a lot of complications, and purposefully builds a barrier - increases immunity in order not to allow illness.

The basis of the principle of the action of immunomodulators is understandable and simple, but does it give the expected effect? Let's figure this out with the example of the drug "Respibron" and its analogues. We mentioned it above.

New remedy "Respibron"

This immunomodulator has already entered practicalmedical use, although appeared on the domestic market relatively recently. Therefore, it causes so many questions. Many of them are given instructions. "Respibron" is an immunomodulating drug, the reception of which significantly reduces the incidence of infectious respiratory diseases, facilitates the severity of their course, reduces the likelihood of complications. Also, the use of the drug for preventive purposes allows you to abandon antibiotic treatment.

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Doctors say that it is necessary beforethe intake of any medication must be studied by his instruction. "Respibron" (tablets) - is no exception. Agree, drink an unknown medicine and wait for a positive effect is not only meaningless, but also irresponsible, even dangerous.

As the new immunomodulator conqueredmarket, it began to be sold in a beautiful package that attracts attention. Doctors increasingly began to appoint him sick. However, not all patients rushed to buy the drug "Respibron", the price of which was too high for many. In this case, therapy for the development of sustainable immunity is quite long. Tablets should be drunk for more than two months. How much today is "Respibron"? The price of a blister of 10 tablets is 500 or more rubles.

Unique properties of the immunomodulator

According to the descriptions that containinstruction, "Respibron" has unique characteristics. As mentioned earlier, it reduces the need for antibiotics, reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases and complications. The composition of the drug is not destroyed by food acids, getting into the intestine, so it starts to act immediately.

A medicinal product based on bacterial lysate is produced, which increases the body's resistance to infections.

During the first two to four weeks, the drugactivates nonspecific resistance - rapid protection, after several months of therapy, the specific immunity of the organism is activated - protection for several years.

Indications and contraindications for the reception of the immunomodulator

Let's take a closer look at the recommendations thatcontains instructions. "Respibron" is prescribed for diseases such as acute respiratory disease, influenza, renite, including allergic and chronic, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary inflammation, and also as their prevention.

The immunomodulator is suitable for both adults and children. Treatment of children with this drug can begin with two years.

Side effects at its use are revealeddid not have. As the instruction indicates, "Respibron" is transferred very well. However, it can cause hypersensitive people to have an allergic reaction to the ingredients contained in the formulation. This is the only contraindication to taking an immunomodulator.

Dosage for both children and adults - 1 tablet a day (absorbed under the tongue).

Opinion of doctors about the drug

Before you spend money to buy the nexta magic pill that will cure the whole family, you need at least a little reading about the immunomodulator "Respibron" reviews of competent specialists, especially pediatricians. The adverted drug, it turns out, is not so effective. On the properties of the remedy "Respibron" Komarovsky EO - a well-known in Ukraine and in Russia pediatrician - responds restrainedly (maybe he was not paid?). He accentuates the fact that he can not harm his health, but it is also unlikely that he will receive any help from him. Treat the ailments of the respiratory tract doctor recommends, observing the optimal conditions of humidity, cleanliness and temperature in the room, as well as more time to walk in the fresh air.

Tablets "Respibron": patient reviews

To say unequivocally today that the drughelps to develop stable immunity, it is impossible. One person, according to reviews, he helps, they observe improvement in their state of health and are less sick, while others do not notice the effect at all. Everything depends on the individual characteristics of the body.

Immunomodulator "Respibron": analogues

Substitutes for this drug is not difficult to pick up,because there are a lot of them. So, very many people use capsules "Broncho-munal". Especially often this immunomodulator is used in the treatment of respiratory tract ailments in children of younger preschool age.

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The drug "Broncho-munal" reduces the risks of complicationswith catarrhal diseases, the completed course of therapy reduces the frequency of their manifestation after recovery. Effective is for chronic forms of such ailments, as bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, otitis, rhinitis.

Instructions for medication recommend taking itchildren from six months of age. Since the drug is released in capsules, babies can not swallow them, so the capsules are opened and the contents are diluted with water in a spoon.

Many parents of children of preschool age respond positively to this immunomodulator. Especially it is in demand when a child adapts to a kindergarten.

Another analogue of "Respibron" - tablets"Cycloferon." It is a combined immunostimulating agent that is useful in the treatment of complex forms of influenza, herpes, angina, HIV infection, acute intestinal inflammation, hepatitis. Children can take this drug from the age of four.

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Not suitable immunomodulator "Cycloferon"allergic people and people suffering from digestive disorders. A strong effect of this effect on the patient's body is observed in those cases when the drug is taken at the first stages of the disease.

To develop stable immunity,also therapy for several months. This medication is from the most effective group, its unique property is the reduction of side effects after chemotherapy.

Very well-proven, according toreviews of people, alcohol tincture "Echinacea" - also an analogue of the drug "Respibron". It can be taken by adults and children. This anti-inflammatory drug is used in the complex treatment of tonsillitis, influenza, acute respiratory infections.

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As the tincture "Echinacea" contains in itsthe composition of natural components, it is very often recommended to use it to stimulate children's health. It perfectly fights viruses and bacteria of various types. It is also prescribed for long-term antibiotic use to support the body.

The form of release immunomoduljatorov, as you can see, can be different, analogue select, proceeding from age of the patient and the recommendations recommended in instructions.

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