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Riboflavin is a vitamin of beauty

Riboflavin is a vitamin, without which it is impossiblebeautiful hair, nails and skin. How does it affect their condition? What can be the source of this indispensable element? This will be discussed later.

riboflavin is

Skin Care and Vitamin B2

Riboflavin is a remedy that helps withtreatment of acne, seborrhea, ulcers and cracks in the mouth, and also rejuvenates the skin and gives the face a good color. It prevents the appearance of acne, arthritis, dermatitis, eczema and accelerates the restoration of damaged tissues.

In addition to all this, vitamin B2 hasproperties of the antioxidant. It is necessary for the "transport" of oxygen, it empowers cells with energy, normalizes the metabolism of fatty acids. To all other riboflavin favorably affects the work of capillaries and without it the growth of cells does not do.

Vitamin B2 in hair and nail care

Riboflavin is a vitamin of growth, since its functioning is associated with protein synthesis. It prevents hair loss. Plus, it promotes the accelerated growth of nails and hair.

Many means for skin care have in theirthe composition of riboflavin and the manufacturers claim that it is perfectly absorbed by the cells. However, it should be noted that the molecules of the vitamin have a fairly large size and they can not always penetrate into the depth of the epidermis. In this regard, in creams and serums are used the derivatives of the vitamin, which freely penetrate the skin. But there is also one "BUT" here.

For the skin, a very deep penetration of vitamin Bit is not necessary, riboflavin is a substance that affects the level of the epidermis, that is, in the upper layers of the skin. Here it "guides" all reactions, literally "launches" them and promotes their normal course.

It should be noted that even if on a package withcream content of vitamin B2 is indicated, the effect of its effect is not always present. This is due to the fact that its concentration is insufficient. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find out how much riboflavin is contained in this or that agent, there is no information on packing it, the exception is professional lines.

riboflavin solution

Due to the fact that vitamin B2 is a substance withoutwhich is not possible rapid hair growth, recovery of skin cells, etc., you must additionally take a solution (riboflavin), but on the advice of a specialist.

Riboflavin in food

As it became clear, the body is very necessaryriboflavin, the composition of some products includes this substance. This means that it can not be obtained with the help of various cosmetic or medicinal agents. It is simple enough that in the diet there are such products as fish, meat, poultry, dark green leafy vegetables, salads and dairy products (sour cream, kefir, cheese, yogurt).

In addition, you can enrich the bodyriboflavin, eating eggs, kidneys, liver, milk and tongue. Vitamin B2 is rich in brewer's yeast, and they contain other vitamins related to group B.

riboflavin composition

Finally, it should be noted that riboflavin easily breaks down under the influence of alcohol and because of stress.

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