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"Depanthenol" cream - instructions, composition, tips for use

This tool is well known to the experiencedtravelers, young mothers and anyone who is serious about the question of forming a home medicine chest. The first - because it helps with sunburn, frostbite and abrasions, and can easily replace the moisturizer. The second - because this name appears in the list of accessories for the maternity hospital. We are talking about such an assistant in the care of damaged skin, like "Depanthenol" -cream. Instruction, composition and useful tips for use - all this you will find further.

Drug "Depanthenol" - composition.

This is one of several commonpreparations based on dexpanthenol. The substance is contained in the cream at a concentration of 5%, refers to the vitamins of group B and is a derivative of pantothenic acid, into which it passes when interacting with the human body. This acid is involved in the synthesis of corticosteroids, porphyrins, acetylcholine, is included in the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate. It has the property of accelerating the regeneration of the skin, as well as mucous membranes. The action of chlorhexidine bigluconate is also due to some anti-inflammatory effect of the drug.

"Depanthenol" -crem is recommended fortreatment of minor skin lesions, wounds, including in young children. In general, its use in pediatrics is particularly wide, since infant skin has its own characteristics, and not every remedy is suitable for caring for it. The stratum corneum of the skin of toddlers is rather thin, and the epidermis is more friable than in adults. This means that the slightest friction can lead to irritation of the skin. This skin is also sensitive to the effects of chemicals. Therefore, so often babies are concerned about diaper dermatitis, for which "Depanthenol" cream is well suited.

The instruction allows you to apply it to severalonce a day, after bathing or hygienic procedures. In addition, it should be borne in mind that even cosmetic products intended for the care of children contain many components potentially capable of causing allergies. As for the cream "Depanthenol", the doctors' comments about its safety are confirmed by the parents of the kids. For this reason, it is suitable as a moisturizing cream for the skin, prone to excessive dryness and allergic reactions.

As auxiliary substances in the composition -propylene glycol, medical vaseline oil and petroleum jelly, macrogol-20-cetostearate, cetostearyl alcohol, sodium dodecahydrate hydrophosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and purified water.

How else to apply "Depanthenol" cream? Instructions contains information on its suitability for treating weather-beaten skin and light frostbite in toddlers and adults, as well as to relieve discomfort with dermatitis,allergic dermatoses. It is also recommended for the treatment of postoperative wounds; reduces the risk of infection with minor abrasions and insect bites. Another common method of using the drug is to treat often the cracking of the nipples in the first months of the baby's breast feeding. In this case, the cream is applied to clean skin so that some time passes before the next feeding.

What other indications for the use of the drugcontains instructions? "Depantenol" -cream (like its analogs in the form of ointments or spray) is good for burns, including sun, which makes it indispensable in the home and field medicine chest.

The cream is the most universal formthe release of drugs containing dexpanthenol, however, depending on the purpose, an analog with a higher concentration of active ingredient or a different consistency can be chosen.

And finally, we list the possible sideeffects that develop extremely rarely, but are indicated in the instructions. When using external agents based on dexpanthenol, allergic reactions are extremely rare, but still possible. Observe the measure when applying it, and this cream will help you more than once.

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