/ How is circumcision done?

How is circumcision done?

To date, the operation of circumcision(circumcision) is popular not only among Jews and Muslims, but also men of other nationalities. They do it not for religious reasons, but for aesthetic preferences. Especially a lot of these men are now in America. Representatives of the stronger sex believe that their masculinity looks better, as they make circumcision by removing the foreskin, normally covering the head of the penis. Few people know that there is female circumcision, which results in an absolute lack of sensitivity to caresses and the lack of orgasm.

How is circumcision done for men?

Infants were operated without anesthesia, nowit even comes down to general anesthesia, but most often local anesthetics are used. The procedure is carried out by a trained person or surgeon, removing the foreskin by hand. Adults may be stitched, but children are not required. Recovery lasts for 10-14 days, at first the penis looks swollen and reddened, but as it heals, it becomes more and more natural.

Complications after such an operation, manifested by infection of the wound, are rare, but there may be some pain and irritation in the glans penis.

You can not perform the procedure if the child is ill or recovering from illness, has problems with blood coagulability.

How do circumcision for women?

The operation is performed on the clitoris and labia,The area of ​​the affected surface depends on the type of cut. The procedure is common among Muslims, but religion is against such barbarity, since everything happens without anesthesia and disinfection. According to the beliefs of some nationalities, a woman who has not passed the ceremony can not give birth to a boy, normally engage in farming and children, since circumcision is made in order to reduce the sensitivity of the clitoris and prevent orgasm.

Today, such a procedure is considered a relicpast, but still conducted by some doctors secretly. In many countries, even had to introduce a ban on the conduct of female circumcision, although surgery on the labia for aesthetic purposes is permitted. Supporters of the ancient operation use this "reservation".

Why make circumcision for men?

The doctors' opinion on this issue was divided, onepart indicates the appropriateness and necessity of such a procedure. It turns out that circumcised men are less likely to get urogenital infections, they do not have cancer of the glans penis, and the risk of "catching" HIV is much lower than that of the uncircumcised.

But another part of the doctors do not see the point incircumcision, as they do circumcision for many, but the difference in incidence with those who have not undergone it is very small. As for HIV, the promiscuous sexual life will not protect any interference.

The American Society of Physicians against the widespread conduct of this operation in children. The data confirming the advantage of circumcised before uncircumcised men is not enough.

Supporters say that a man is fallingthe sensitivity of the glans penis, as a result of which the onset of orgasm is relegated. This makes it possible to lengthen the sexual intercourse. However, there are data that men who have performed surgery at a conscious age, note a loss of sensitivity, and much would be given to return everything.

Another argument against the operation servesthe possibility of a pain shock in children, since circumcision is done without anesthesia, without warning, without voluntary consent. It is clear that circum-circle is a religious ritual, but even in the Muslim world there is an opinion that the operation is done at will, not being mandatory.

It turns out that in infancy, parents make choices for the child. Maybe it's worth waiting for him to grow up and make a decision himself?

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