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Breathing is not easy, the nose is laid ... What to do, who will help in need?

Everyone knows this state: breathes hard, with effort, even the voice becomes nasal. Everything is clear - the nose is laid! What to do? The connoisseurs of goodwill will immediately wave their hand, they say, trifles, the matter of everyday life, and they will not fail to notice that if they start treating this misfortune, it will pass in seven days, and if not, then a week later. You know, leave them all these jokes, let them, if they want, snort like a hedgehog for a week, or open their mouths like a fish. And you will take care of the treatment, while this though unpleasant, but so far the trifle has not escalated into something more serious.

First you need to understand what caused thenasal congestion. If it's a common cold, it's one thing, if it's an allergic reaction, it's quite another. Remember the popular TV series: why does Dr. Hous use this authority in his hospital? Because the success of treatment depends on the correct diagnosis in any case, even if you only have a "nose" laid. What if rhinitis has a cold origin? For a start, a couple of days, you can try to treat yourself, taking drops, emulsions and sprays for the nose. In any pharmacy you will be offered naphthyzine, sanorin, galazoline, nasol and other similar drugs. By and large, these are all practically the same - vasoconstrictive drugs under different trade names. They will certainly bring relief, but whether they cure completely is a question.

Long-term use of all these drugsstrongly not recommended. From this, not that there will not be any benefit, but it is possible to harm the body. So, you dig in drops for three days, five, seven, but in the intervals between the medications, especially in the mornings you still have a permanently stuffy nose. What to do in this case? Go to the clinic! Do not pull, do not delay, do not expect that sooner or later the ailment will recede by itself. Go to the doctor: "Doctor, the nose is laid, what should I do?". Believe me, no doctor will not consider your problem as far-fetched, and the reason for treatment is insignificant. Already someone, and doctors know perfectly well that in about a quarter of cases delay in treatment of rhinitis (that is, a common cold) is fraught with complications and much more serious diseases - genyantritis, meningitis, sinusitis. To prevent this from happening, the doctor will prescribe a treatment, and by following all the prescriptions, you will definitely get rid of the problem.

By the way, you can even completely omit the periodand, at the first signs of a runny nose, go to see a doctor. Faster will pass! And even more so if the nasal congestion is caused by an allergy or pollinosis - it is also called "hay fever". It's not at all a joke, you need a full-fledged therapy, so in case of an allergic rhinitis and stuffy nose of other recommendations, do not wait from us!

It also happens that it's not easy for the snotbreathing, but also inside the nose there was a painful swelling, and the nose itself was swollen. What to do in this case? Do not panic, it is a concomitant inflammation that either passes by itself, or it can be "helped." The main thing - do not rip off this pimple or crust on it. Apply iodine or alcohol, celandine, or Gyoxysone.

Since this sore is so common, the answer isthe question "The nose is laid, what to do?", of course, folk medicine knows. A good effect is the instillation of aloe or calanchoe, onion or beet juice into the nose. It is still good to wash the nose with salt water, especially if the salt is marine. Wisdom is not great - the liquid is poured into some wide receptacle and alternately draws in one or another nostril. And, of course, relief can bring "all-powerful" tea with honey, linden and raspberries - after all, we are dealing with a cold manifestation. At the very least, natural medicines will not exactly harm and will not allow the development of "naphthysine dependence", which can not be gotten rid of easier than from stuffiness of the nose.

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