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Shaking hands: what to do?

This is unpleasant and uncomfortable when constantly tremblefingers, or even arms at all walk. Instead of a signature on paper, an incomprehensible scribble turns out, the number on the mobile phone does not want to be typed the first time, and coffee from the cup tries to splash out onto the clothes. In addition, hand tremor is very noticeable to others, and God knows what they might think: you may be suspected of unclean thoughts, mistaken for an extremely unbalanced or heavily drinking person. And the more often this happens, the more anxiety you yourself will experience, constantly asking questions: because of what I constantly shake hands, what to do to stop this "devilish dance"?

Perhaps, the most terrible thing is that you cansuggest - Parkinson's disease. Indeed, the main sign of this serious ailment, still called a trembling paralysis, is shaking hands. This insidious neurologic disease occurs for no apparent reason, does not lend itself to curative treatment and leads to disability, but its tremor, if it is possible so to say, is unique - hands tremble at rest, and when they move, they practically calm down. In addition, one hand trembles noticeably stronger than the other. With such expressive symptoms, Parkinson's disease can easily be excluded even on its own, otherwise one thought about it causes a strong attack of trembling.

There is also an "essential" tremor - a specifica state when hands are shaking or one of them. This disease is often hereditary, and from Parkinson's is different, above all, by the fact that trembling covers the hands not in a state of rest, but during any action, intensifying with emotional stress. Actually, with this all the symptoms are exhausted, there is not a speech disorder or violations of the motor functions that appear in Parkinson's, so that the "essential" tremor can be considered quite harmless.

Another thing is when shaking hands accompaniesvarious serious illnesses. With kidney disorders, increased thyroid function, damage to the liver or brain, too, it happens, quite a lot of shaking hands. What to do in these cases? Of course, to treat the main disease, because the tremor in this situation is the smallest of problems.

The most natural manifestation of trembling in the hands isphysical overstrain. But this phenomenon is temporary and it can not testify about any violations in the work of the central nervous system. Like emotional outbursts with a strong irritation, fright, excitement ... Yes, there are many situations in life, during which the hands are shaking. What should I do if I feel nervous? Calm down, relax, breathe deeply, sit down once or twice. But if such a reaction begins to manifest at the slightest excitement, constantly, then this is already a hysterical tremor - a consequence of disorders of the nervous system. Perhaps, it will not be superfluous to go to a consultation with a neurologist.

Alcoholic tremor is a common phenomenon. Is manifested when drinking alcohol. The drinking person very often trembles and swells around his hands. What to do in this case is understandable: urgently "tie", because tremor is just one of your many problems.

In general, all kinds of stimulants can oftencause shaking hands, so if you are prone to tremors, do not rely on coffee, strong tea and chocolate. Forget about smoking. They can trigger tremors and some medications. For example, some people who take barbiturates, compassin or dilantine, shake hands. What should I do to abandon the medicine? Perhaps it will be enough just to reduce the dose, and if it does not help, then either change the drug, or put up with the tremor for the period of treatment.

As you can see, shaking hands is not in itselfdisease. It is just a symptom that can sometimes appear even in healthy people. So what if your hands are shaking? First of all, calm down. You can take a motherwort tincture, or another soothing remedy, or a phyto tea. Then you should analyze your condition recently and make sure that you do not have any other symptoms of any disease. If the tremor itself has become your "companion", do not let him take over power - strengthen the nervous system, develop fine motor skills and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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