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Cooking baby puree at home

When you go to the department of baby food, you are surprisedan abundance of all kinds of jars and boxes. From all the shelves look at you lovely little girls and eyes run to all sides. All around, and splashes a palette of colors and involuntarily creeps in the thought: "Is it dyes?". But what to do, when it's time for the baby to switch to baby purees? After all, I want that the child would receive only the best, the best quality. The answer is very simple: "We will cook at home." This is not difficult at all and does not even require much effort from you.

At home, you can prepare the mosta variety of baby food: mashed potatoes, juices, cereals, broths and a whole mountain of different dishes. Introduce in the diet of such goodies should be from five months. Portions should be small, but if you like the crumb and your tummy will not be too capricious - you can safely give as much as the kid wants.

Which products are suitable for baby puree?

Babes are small gourmets and if something happenstasteless - the flight of products to the nearest wall is provided. Therefore, it is not advisable to use any spices, including salt and sugar. Many will try to replace sugar with a more natural product - honey, but in this case you should not rush: honey can cause an allergic reaction.

To relieve excess load from the digestive systemtract, you can use oil. But do not rush to pamper the youngster with olive oil and other delicacies: specific tastes will completely discourage the desire to try anything. Let everything be as natural as possible. Do not just complicate the child's mashed potatoes with vegetables and fruit assorted. All you need to start small. The simpler the dish is, the better.

Now we will choose from a huge assortmentsuitable vegetables for us. Why vegetables? Yes, because the children love the sweet, even such small ones. If you can try something like this, then to introduce the child in the near future with vegetables, you will only dream.
The first products that are worth adding to baby purees are:
"Zucchini is a very useful vegetable for your child." It will not cause allergies and is prepared very quickly. In order not to degrade the taste and not reduce the amount of nutrients - it is better to cook baby puree from a zucchini in a double boiler.
- Potatoes - the most familiar and favorite vegetable is notonly children, but also many adults. Potatoes can be boiled in a saucepan, or refer to the above-mentioned vapor cooker. And if the baby puree will be thick - add a little boiled water.
- Cauliflower - shines with an abundance of vitamins. The child will also appreciate the beautiful color of the dish. A slightly sweet taste will make her the most favorite vegetable.
Until a year, do not give the child pea purees and soups - this is a very heavy food and it is better to contact it closer to two years.

When the baby tries all the charm of vegetable purees -you can safely enter the fruit: plum, peach, apricot and apple. Also, kids are not indifferent to the more sweet pumpkin and carrots. The most interesting is the time of two-part puree. Kids are delighted that those dishes that they liked so much have become even more delicious.

In the first place, moms and their children put on apple-pumpkin puree. Well, what kind of crumb can stand against the saturated color and even the delicate sweet taste?

For cooking you will need:

100-150 g of pumpkin, 1 medium apple and 0.5-1 tsp. sugar syrup.
We clean the apple and pumpkin from the peel. Cut into small pieces so as not to lengthen the cooking process. Then we put all the ingredients in the steamer, or just cook for a couple, in a saucepan. After all the ingredients are ready - crush to the state of mashed potatoes. For this you can use blenders, strainer and other improvised items. Add the syrup. If the gruel is very thick - dilute with boiled water.

It is worth noting that ready-made baby purees are best given immediately to crumbs. Since long-term storage will spoil not only the taste, but also reduce the amount of useful substances to a minimum.

Also babies are very fond of banana puree. It is sweet in itself, does not load the intestines and is full of B vitamins.

When your baby grows a little, you can enter meat and fish products into the diet. The main thing that the baby liked.

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