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The drug "Prostacor". Instructions

Prostatitis is a modern male disease thatprogresses in our society with great speed. For many, this diagnosis is almost a verdict. However, doctors urge men to remain calm, authoritatively stating that prostatitis is not as bad as some think. Yes, this disease causes discomfort, discomfort and feelings of inferiority, but, unlike other complex diseases, prostatitis is easily treatable. Today, there are a number of drugs that have long been proven effective in fighting the male ailment. These include the Russian remedy Prostakor. The instruction describes it as a medicine of natural origin. Indeed, the composition of the drug includes substances obtained from cattle from the prostate gland. These substances, according to the Russian manufacturer, help effectively combat the phenomenon of prostatitis.

The medicine "Prostacor", the instruction of whichis embedded in cardboard packaging, refers to drugs that correct urodynamics and positively influence the metabolism in the tissues of the male sexual organ. "Prostakor" is released as a white or yellowish powder in ampoules for the preparation of an injection solution. The solution is administered intramuscularly. In each ampoule are 5 mg of the active substance obtained from the prostate of animals, and the auxiliary substance is glycine. In one pack - 10 ampoules, 5 in each outline package of the medicine "Prostacor". The instruction is supplemented by the presence in the box of an ampoule knife (scarifier), which greatly facilitates the process of opening a glass ampoule.

How does Prostacor work?

First, it reduces edema in the tissuesprostate gland, secondly, reduces the number of leukocytes in the genital organs, and, thirdly, normalizes the secretory activity of cells. The drug "Prostacor" is also used for the prevention of thrombosis and as a means of stimulating the tone of the muscles of the bladder. So far, unfortunately, except for intramuscular, no other way of administering the preparation "Prostacor" has been invented. Candles would be used for treatment easier, but the drug in such a dosage form is not released. Not only with chronic prostatitis, but also in the postoperative period, those who developed complications after prostate surgery showed Prostacor. The instruction warns that if there is an allergy or an individual intolerance, it should not be taken. And if the allergy has appeared in the course of long reception of a preparation it it is necessary to cancel. Allergic reactions - this is one of all possible side effects of the drug. There were no others found during the use of the drug. The daily dose of the drug is 5-10 mg, that is, one or two ampoules at a time, once a day. Powder in ampoules is diluted, adding to it 1 ml of water, fiz. solution or novocaine.

Duration of treatment with the drug maylast up to 10 days and depends on the general condition, the presence of improvements, a positive or negative evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment. If the doctor deems it necessary, he can prescribe a second course of treatment with the drug after a month or six months. When treating a drug, it is important to remember one basic rule: the Prostacor and alcohol are incompatible. The use of these two components at the same time can lead to undesirable and even irreversible consequences. Buy the drug "Prostakor" in the pharmacy can only be prescribed by a doctor, despite the fact that it is not a psychotropic drug and is not addictive. By the way, to this day there has not been found any analogue of the preparation "Prostacor", which makes it unique and in general the only one of its kind.

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