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Eleutherococcus extract: instructions for use, indications, contraindications, dosage

Eleutherococcus plant has long been valued for itshealing properties. On its basis, phytotherapeutic drugs are created in the form of tablets or solutions, and you can also obtain dried grass or rhizome of the plant. Widely used this tool has in neurology, urology, immunology, therapy and other industries. Today's article will tell you about how the Eleutherococcus extract is used. Instructions for use will be presented to your attention.

extract eleutherococcus instructions for use

Preliminary description: composition of the preparation, form of release and sale

Purchase an extract of Eleutherococcus, instructions forthe application of which will be presented to your attention in the article, you can without a prescription. The liquid form of the drug is in greatest demand, but tablets are also sold. A single vial of 50 milliliters is within 100 rubles. Statistics show that the average price of such medicine in different regions of Russia is at the level of 47 rubles. The preparation includes an extract of rhizomes and roots of prickly eleutherococcus. They insist on 40% alcohol.

Tablets are sold for 30 pieces, divided into threeblister. In each there are 10 pills. This amount can be purchased on average for 100 rubles. The preparation contains an extract of Eleutherococcus and Eleutheroside B. The excipients are lactose, corn starch, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate. The tablet shell has its components, which do not affect the patient's condition.

Indications for use: in which cases is the eleutherococcus extract effective?

Despite the fact that it is plantwith the preparation of Eleutherococcus extract, the instructions for use do not recommend using it yourself. To prescribe medication and choose an individual dosage, you should consult your doctor. You already know that the drug has a wide demand. Eleutherococcus extract (liquid) indications for use has the following:

  • decreased performance and chronic fatigue, asthenia;
  • stressful situations and psychoemotional stress;
  • loss of appetite, threatening anorexia;
  • lowering blood pressure, causing weakness and malaise;
  • immunodeficiency and frequent colds, chronic infectious diseases;
  • condition after chemotherapy and radiation therapy, malignant tumors;
  • male impotence, prostate adenoma, decreased sexual desire;
  • diabetes;
  • elevated cholesterol, slagging of the body;
  • obesity.

Tablets, according to the instructions, are also accepted for the purpose of recovery in the postoperative period

Eleutherococcus extract liquid Instruction manual

Contraindications, described by the instruction and medical restrictions

Like any medicine, it hasextract of eleutherococcus contraindications to use. Be sure to read them before starting treatment. Pay attention to each item. If you have at least one, then therapy should not be done. To choose further tactics of action, it is worthwhile to contact the doctor who gave the appointment. Extract of Eleutherococcus instructions for use does not permit the use of a possible allergic reaction to the components of the drug. Note that there are more of them in the tablet form. It is forbidden to take any form of medication for children under 12 years old, nursing women and future mothers. Contraindications to treatment with liquid extract will be:

  • high blood pressure;
  • insomnia and nervous arousal;
  • acute infectious or somatic diseases.

Eleutherococcus extract (tablets) can not beuse under the same conditions, and also they have additional contraindications: arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, vascular disease, epilepsy, propensity to convulsions, liver failure.

extract eleutherococcus reviews

How to take an extract of Eleutherococcus liquid?

In most cases, when thisthe doctor gives individual recommendations. They depend on the severity of the disease and its nature. An important role is played by the age of the patient. If these were not given, then the medication should be used as indicated in the annotation. Liquid form of the drug is taken three times a day in an amount of 20 to 40 drops. The harder the pathology, the higher the dose. For children, the medicine is recommended in smaller portions: one drop is given for each year of life. If the child, for example, 15 years, then give him 15 drops of tincture. Remember that for children under 12 years old the product is contraindicated. Drops are taken half an hour before meals, washed down with a comfortable amount of water.

how to take an extract of Eleutherococcus liquid

Instructions for the use of tablets

In the tablets "Eleutherococcus extract" dosagecompletely different. As you can see, the forms of the medication also differ in part from the indications with contraindications. Adult patients and children after 12 years of age the drug is prescribed in an amount of 1 to 2 tablets. Take medicine in the morning, twice. Preliminarily do not crush the pill, drink it with water. Preferably use the composition before meals: for example, before breakfast and lunch. Do not drink tablets before bed. Duration of treatment should not last more than 30 days. The optimal course is from 15 to 30 days. After the break established by the doctor, it is permissible to repeat the treatment.

Properties of the medicament and its effect

You already know that the extract is prized for a long timeEleutherococcus. Reviews about this medicine can often be found positive. Tablets and tincture have an immunomodulatory effect, they increase the nonspecific resistance of the organism to the adverse influence of external factors. Some sources report that the action of the extract of Eleutherococcus is not so much curative as preventive. The drug can be attributed to the group of biologically active additives.

After ingestion,action on the nervous system, strengthens it, establishes resistance of the organism, increases endurance. The extract of Eleutherococcus contains a mass of eleutherosides, resins and essential oils. The plant enriches the body with lipids, pectins, flavonoids, alkaloids, polysaccharides. The drug is also rich in vitamins of group B and C.

Eleutherococcus extract tablet

Adverse reactions and negative consequences

In most cases, treatment is goodis transferred by patients. But in some individuals it can cause unpleasant consequences. Most often they arise from the use of tablets. There are reactions of allergy, a violation of the digestive function. Insomnia, headache or tachycardia are less common. Irritability may occur, feelings of anxiety may arise. If during treatment you have unpleasant new symptoms or increased signs, then do not continue therapy. Be sure to show the doctor to adjust appointments.

extract of Eleutherococcus dosage

additional information

  1. Eleutherococcal extract enhances the effect of any stimulant. If you take caffeine, phenamine, camphor, then this fact should be taken into account.
  2. The herbal preparation is opposed to such drugs as sedatives, tranquilizers, antidepressants.
  3. It is not recommended to take the medicine in the afternoon (especially before a night's sleep). It can have an exciting effect.
  4. Please note that the liquid form has ethanol in its composition. If you are driving a vehicle or doing a responsible job, you should replace the solution with tablets.
  5. The drug is well combined with the use of immunomodulators and adaptogens of a different nature.

Consumer feedback on medicines formed over the years

Eleutherococcus extracts are good. Consumers remain satisfied with the cost of the drug. Also, the patients are pleased with the natural composition of the drug. After all, there is an impression of his safety. Patients say that taking a dietary supplement quickly shows a positive result. Increases working capacity, improves mood. Consumers say that the body's resistance is increasing, colds are becoming less common.

The drug is used by patients toimprove the mood, to encourage yourself and your body in difficult situations, with a decline in strength. Men take pills and liquid extract of Eleutherococcus to increase libido, increase the duration of sexual contact, prevent prostatitis and adenoma. The drug contributes to increased appetite, so it is often taken by people who want to gain the missing weight, for example, with anorexia. The universality of the biologically active additive allows it to be used even in diabetes mellitus, when it is necessary to regulate the metabolism and the level of sugar, glucose in the blood.

action of eleutherococcus extract


From the article you were able to find out howEleutherococcus extract (liquid) is used. Indications for use, limitations and features of the drug are presented to your attention. It is the tincture of this plant that is prescribed more often to patients. There is an opinion that such a form of the drug is more effective than tablets. It is worth saying at once that this is a delusion. The effectiveness of tablets and liquid extract is approximately at the same level. Is that the solution is quickly absorbed into the blood and begins to work. Despite all the positive qualities of the drug, do not take it alone. Preliminary consult with the doctor and get individual recommendations. Good health to you!

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