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Ankle joint swells and it hurts: how to treat? Causes of pain in the ankle

What if the ankle swells and hurts? How to treat? Symptoms, causes and methods of therapy of such a pathological condition will be presented below.

Ankle joint swollen and it hurts how to heal

basic information

About why the ankle joint diseases exist, we will tell in the article presented. However, before this we give the definition in question.

An ankle joint is the articulation of the bones of the foot and shin. This is a mobile connection of the peroneal, tibial, and human talus bones.

This joint is very complex in structure. It has a block-shaped form and is formed by the articular surfaces of the distal epiphyses of the tibia, which "fork" cover the block of the talus.

In the joint in question, the following movements are possible:

  • on the sagittal axis (i.e., insignificant reduction and retraction of the foot);
  • on the front axis (i.e., extension and flexion).

What diseases are typical?

Why does the ankle swell and hurt? How to treat this pathology, only experienced experts know. According to them, there are a lot of reasons for this state.

Firstly, this articulation is subject to differentinjuries. We will describe their character below. Secondly, pain and swelling in the ankle may occur due to the development of various diseases. Let's consider their features right now.

Ankle joint swells and it hurts how to treat the symptoms


Such an inflammatory process can occuracute and chronic. Arthritis of the ankle is characterized by intense pain syndrome, as well as impaired mobility (that is, a feeling of stiffness). In addition, this inflammation is accompanied by severe swelling in the joint area, redness and an increase in the temperature of the affected area (it becomes hot).


The pathology considered isdegenerative-dystrophic joint disease, which develops as a result of the defeat of the cartilaginous tissues of articular surfaces. Osteoarthrosis of the ankle joint is often observed together with pathologies of other large joints (for example, knee and hip). Thus, this becomes quite a serious problem, which is related to limitations in the work activity of a person.


If in the human body there are exchangefailures, as well as failures in the development of uric acid, the ankle can significantly inflame. This reaction arises from excessive accumulation of salts in the joints and blood. By the way, they cause pain and swelling in the articulation.

why swollen and aching ankle joint how to treat

Plantar fasciitis

This disease is an inflammationfascia, that is, a thick band of connective tissue that is located at the bottom of the leg. Plantar fasciitis often occurs in those who are confirmed by regular physical exertion, in which there is a strong pressure on the heel. This disease is typical for patients with abnormal foot structure and overweight. Incidentally, incorrectly selected shoes can also cause the development of plantar fasciitis.


For what reasons the ankle joint swells and hurts (how to treat this ailment, we will tell further)? Very often unpleasant sensations in the lower extremities arise because of their trauma.

Usually, such injuries as a bruise, fracture, dislocation and sprain of the ligaments, result from the impact of force and fall from a height or impact.

According to specialists, with sprainsAnkle joint develops very quickly in the affected person. This is due to a hemorrhage from the outer or inner side of the joint. Also in the lower extremities there are sharp pains, especially when podotyvaniem foot inward.

In the process of probing under the ankles, a personcan feel quite strong tenderness. If the sprain of the ligaments occurs simultaneously with the fracture of the metatarsal bone, then unbearable pain occurs when the palpation of its base.

ankle disease

Why does the ankle swell and hurt? How to treat a traumatized area, should only be decided by an experienced doctor. According to experts, subluxations and dislocations of this joint are often combined with fractures of the ankles. In this case, the dislocation can form at the junction of the heel and talus bones. In this case, the ankle joint of the patient significantly thickens and deforms, especially in the calcaneal region (the heel is turned inwards).

Doctor's choice and diagnosis

The choice of a method for treating pathologies of the ankleThe articulation is based on the patient's condition and his illness. As a rule, with unpleasant sensations in the lower extremities, patients turn to therapists. In turn, the latter send patients to more narrow specialists. It can be an arthrologist, a surgeon, a rheumatologist or an orthopedist.

After interviewing and examining the patient, the doctor mustsend it to a medical examination. To establish the correct diagnosis, experts recommend that you undergo ultrasound, take an X-ray and pass a series of tests. Only after a thorough examination the doctor appoints the patient appropriate treatment.

The ankle joint swells and it hurts: how to treat diseases?

There are many drugs thatcontribute to the removal of pain in the joints. As a rule, they include NPVS. Such a remedy not only removes pain, but also helps to relieve inflammation.

Pain and swelling in the ankle

What to do if the patient is worried about swellingAnkle joint? How to treat and relieve pain at home? For this, it is recommended to drink a tablet of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or to make an intramuscular injection. Also, some doctors prescribe various anti-inflammatory creams and ointments. Most of them also eliminate pain syndromes, relieve inflammation and swelling.

In addition to NSAIDs, as well as local ointments forcomplex treatment of ankle joint diseases, the patient is recommended to take multivitamin complexes that contain calcium and vitamin D3. Such dietary supplements help strengthen the bones and greatly accelerate the recovery process of the patient.

Trauma treatment

Why does the ankle swell and hurt? How is this joint treated if it has been traumatized?

Any damage to the joints should be treated very carefully. If untimely assistance, a person can develop an inflammatory process, as well as internal hemorrhage and so on.

Ankle joint swells and it hurts how to treat diseases

Experts say that prolonged swellingAnkle joint quite easily provokes lymphostasis of soft tissues. This is a very serious disease that requires long and expensive treatment. Therefore, when getting an injury, as well as the occurrence of swelling and pain in the joints of the bones, you should immediately go to the emergency room.

Treatment of an ankle joint should be performed only by a doctor. If in the near future you can not visit the hospital, then experts recommend the following rules:

  • immobilize the injured foot;
  • Use a cream that relieves pain;
  • to carry out an easy massage of the joint (along with the ointment);
  • apply cold to the damaged area.

If the foot injury is small, then the doctors prescribepainkillers, as well as anti-edema ointments. If there was a fracture or a serious dislocation, the patient may be impregnated or recommend wearing a stretch bandage.

Also, ankle injuries are treated with physiotherapy and exercise therapy. It is very important to follow a diet with the inclusion of calcium-containing foods in your diet.

swelling of the ankle joint how to treat and relieve pain

Now you know why the ankle jointswells up and hurts. How to treat this pathology, we also told above. It should be specially noted that any unpleasant sensations in the lower extremities should necessarily draw your attention, otherwise it threatens with serious complications.

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