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We count how many packets of cigarettes in the block

Very often, going on a foreign tour,The tourist faces customs restrictions on departure. These limits relate primarily to alcohol and tobacco products. And if everything is clear with alcohol, since every self-respecting wine and vodka expert knows that an ordinary bottle of vodka, whiskey or gin contains 0.5 liters of product, and a limit of 5 liters means literally 10 bottles, with tobacco products everything is not so simple .

The requirements of some countries range from 300 to 500 pieces of tobacco per person, so it will be superfluous to know how many packs of cigarettes in the block.

What is the size of the cigarette block?

A block of cigarettes is a cardboard container, containing ina cigarette pack, covered with plastic film. The size of the cigarette block directly depends on the number of standard packs and is parametrically a rectangular parallelepiped with sides of 430 mm in length, 46 mm in width and 88 mm in height. By "standard pack" in this case is meant a cardboard package with a convertible top, which includes cigarettes of King Size (length 84 mm and diameter 7.8 mm).

block size of cigarettes

Count the packets in the block

To determine how many packs of cigarettes in a block,note that the standard cigarette pack is designed for 20 type cigarettes. And the unit contains 10 such packs, arranged in 2 rows opposite each other. Consequently, manufacturers offer for sale a unit containing 200 products in 10 packs.

Some exceptions to the rules

However, it is not always possible to calculate so unequivocally,how many packs of cigarettes in the block. Some exclusive brands of tobacco products are produced in non-standard packs and number from 25 to 40 pieces. But such exceptions are rare, because in normal practice, the standard size of the packet is considered, on the basis of this, it is counted how many packs are contained in a block of a particular manufacturer.

how many packs of cigarettes in the block

By the way, there is an opinion that when developingparameters of the packaging of tobacco products, the dimensions of the box of cartridges were taken as the basis, which included 200 units for the destruction of a platoon of 9 attackers with a probability of 50%, plus 2 bullets "for themselves." By the way, and the diameter of the cigarette fully corresponds to the diameter of the cartridge.

The philistine approach to their quantity in a packtraces the relationship between the average intensity of smoking - about 20 pieces per day for an adult male - with the ideal number of cigarettes in a pack. However, this theory does not have a clear scientific justification, and in this case, information about how many packets of cigarettes in the block will excite the smoker only from the point of direct harm to tobacco health.

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