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Green tomatoes from varicose veins: reviews. Recipes of traditional medicine

Varicosity is a serious illness that canlead to complications in the form of thrombophlebitis and even trophic ulcers of the lower extremities. Therefore, it should be started to treat already with the appearance of the first symptoms. If you notice on your feet blue strips and tubercles, then be sure to consult a specialist, only he can create for you the optimal therapy scheme. And already in parallel with the main treatment you can use folk remedies. Today we want to talk about one of the simplest and most effective recipes that will help to achieve a good result sooner.

green tomatoes from varicose veins reviews

What is varicosity

Before revealing the main secret, a littlelet's talk about the nature of this ailment. Varicose extension of the legs is the leader today in the list of female diseases. Limbs become similar not clear on what, they need to be hidden under stockings and pantyhose. And the sensations do not give pleasure. First there are pains in calves after a hard day, and then you can not fall asleep at night. Patients in this situation are accepted only by phlebologists and vascular surgeons. This is why women are increasingly turning to folk medicine. Now we will tell you how to use green tomatoes from varicose veins. The reviews are very encouraging, so we recommend you try the tool.

treatment of varicose with green tomatoes

First Assistant

It is an ordinary green vegetable that can becomereal salvation in most cases. Do not forget that this does not negate the need for examination by a doctor. How to use green tomatoes from varicose veins? Reviews say that they are really able to improve the condition of your limbs. Vegetable has a lot of useful properties, but the main thing is that the substances contained in it have a positive effect on the vascular system.

In summer there are many vegetables in the garden, buttomatoes can fight with vascular diseases better than others. How do green tomatoes help with varicose veins? The reviews of traditional healers emphasize that it is before the onset of maturity that they have much more healing acids. Therefore, ripe use better for salads, and green - for treatment.

The main active substance

Vitamins and minerals accumulate in tomatoes bythe course of their maturation. The more ripe the tomato becomes, the better it is perceived by the gastrointestinal tract. The main advantage of an immature vegetable is that its seeds contain a substance similar to acetylsalicylic acid. This tomato has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Basically, thanks to such unique properties and apply green tomatoes from varicose veins. The reviews emphasize that natural aspirin promotes blood thinning. Let's consider the method of treatment.

how to treat varicose veins with green tomatoes

Treatment of varicose veins with green tomatoes

First of all, tomatoes are used in the formlotions. To do this, you need to collect not spoiled, strong and beautiful vegetables and rinse well. Now you need to gently cut them into halves and prepare convenient fixatives. For example, a good option may be an elastic bandage. Treatment of varicose with green tomatoes should continue until the first improvement in the condition, and then it is necessary to maintain the results achieved.

Daily routines

Let's now take a closer look at how to treatvaricose with green tomatoes. Sliced ​​fruit is applied to the protruding veins. The procedure should be performed until the patient begins to feel a tingling sensation or burning sensation. Watch for the intensity of such manifestations, with severe discomfort the procedure must be stopped. At the same time, vegetables are removed, and the skin is carefully wiped with a damp cloth.

Since treating varicose veins with green tomatoestake a long time, have patience. Manipulation must be repeated. To do this, 2-3 minutes after removing tomatoes, you need to cut a new tomato. Such manipulations are recommended to be conducted 4-5 times in a row within 14 days.

treatment of varicose on the legs with green tomatoes

Patient's sensations

Treatment of varicose on the legs with green tomatoeshas effectively proved itself, many people notice improvements in a few days. The vegetable is also used when capillary nets arise. In this case, you can use the recipe suggested above. But there is another option, which may prove even more convenient. Twist in a meat grinder or chop 2-3 tomatoes in a blender. Now you need a base - a thick film, on which and apply the ground mass. Wrap the affected area with this compress and secure with a bandage. In the rest the same treatment scheme is the same as described above.

Green tomatoes against varicose veins are veryeffective means. Many patients note that after applying to the skin there is a slight tingling or burning. This is a normal phenomenon, which is explained by the effect of acid on the skin.

Expected Result

It is worth noting that the effect is observed after10 days. How can you assess the result? With each passing day, the blue nodes of the veins become less pronounced. Do not forget that if the disease progresses for more than a year, then before the start of therapy, you should always consult a doctor.

After the course of treatment, patientsnote that by the end of the working day they feel less fatigue and swelling of the legs. This reduces pain. That is, practice shows that this folk remedy really works. In this case, the sooner therapy begins, the more effective it will be.

green tomatoes from varicose recipe


We have discussed how greentomatoes from varicose veins. The recipe can be slightly modified. If there is nowhere to get green vegetables, then the ripe ones are not bad at all. In this case, they are also washed and cut into rings or halves, and then applied to the affected areas. After some time, the old fruits are replaced with new ones.

However, for a person employed at work, such athe method of treatment may not be very suitable. Then you can change it a little more. In the evening, veined tomatoes should be wrapped in polyethylene film, and then with a cloth. You can fix with an elastic bandage, but do not put it too tightly. In the morning, the compress should be removed and the feet washed with cool water.

how green tomatoes help with varicose veins

Recommendations of vascular surgeons

The effectiveness of the proposed treatment directlydepends on how much the neglected form of varicose at you at present. If only minor vascular asterisks are observed, then a two-week course can give a good result. With a severe form, some tomatoes will clearly not be enough. In this case, additional medical or surgical care may be required. More precisely, only the doctor will say after the examination.

Before applying tomatoes is recommendedsprinkle your feet with cool water. This contributes to a rapid recovery. In addition, evening rest very well. To do this, lie down horizontally, and lift the legs vertically upwards, it is convenient to put them on a sofa or a wall. It's enough to spend 30 minutes a day, so that the situation gradually gets better.

Diet during treatment

Virtually all who have tried this tool,recommend that others also experience how green tomatoes help with varicose veins. It is not necessary to wait for a quick result, but if you perform the procedure on a regular basis, you will gradually see that the venous nodes become softer and their color lighter.

green tomatoes against varicose veins

However, it should be well understood that the diseaseIt is treated not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Judging by the opinions of people, this method will be especially effective when observing a fruit diet. The first time is enough for 7 days, and after a similar break make a second call for two weeks. Every day, put an enema, as the diet provokes constipation.

At the end of the course of treatment,the usual food, based on fresh fruits and vegetables. It is especially important to exclude from the diet alcohol, coffee and strong tea, flour products and jam. Repeat for prophylactic purposes it can be with a break of 20 days.

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