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Arm hurts? Urgently to the doctor!

In the vanity of affairs, we sometimes pay little attention to theminor pains, peculiar signals of our body about some malfunctions in the body. Somehow suddenly we notice that the hand or shoulder hurts (back, leg, etc.). We tolerate, we hope that it will pass, because you can tolerate. But in fact, it may be better to understand immediately, from what it is happening? Of course, you need to do this with the help of a doctor.

The doctor will ask, why and how the arm hurts, in what place, under what movements or poses. After all, pain symptoms can appear due to various reasons.

The first reason we feel pain can bebe fatigue of the muscles. They worked hard the day before, they wore heavy things. Or maybe this is the result of your work, for example, a long time typing on a computer. Then it is clearly felt that the muscles of the hands ache. This feeling of fatigue will eventually go away with the pain. But sometimes, it would seem, without any reasons, the pain appears, then disappears, and then again worries. Or discomfort occurs in the hands, or we feel that the arm is hurting at the elbow. Perhaps it's arthritis - an inflammatory joint disease. It can contribute to infectious diseases, injuries, bruises. Another reason, because of which the arm hurts, can be a severe bruise, a dislocation or a hidden fracture.

Injuries of the elbow joint or dislocations occur withrupture of tendons and fracture of bones. In this case, the person is unable to flex his arm at the elbow and other active movements, and there is swelling. The most common - industrial, automobile and sports injuries of the hands, which also cause pain.

Some professions provoke pain in the hand: brush, elbow joint, shoulder. These are the professions associated with intensive and constant work on the computer, and some creative ones. For example, painters, musicians, sculptors and other representatives of bohemia often complain of pain in their hands. Sometimes the pain in the hand, especially in the elbow joint, is experienced by athletes: tennis players, badmintonists, weightlifters, athletes (nuclear throwers), that is, those on whose hands the greater physical load is placed.

Pain in the elbow does not go away or periodicallyrepeats, prevents the arm from bending or stretching - these can be symptoms of diseases such as arthritis rheumatoid or gouty, arthrosis, osteochondrosis of the chest and other diseases. In this case, it is better to consult a doctor (traumatologist, neurologist or rheumatologist) who will help to find out the cause of the disease, having examined the hand, if necessary, taking an X-ray, and prescribing treatment.

And if the arm hurts from the shoulder to the elbow? Although the shoulder is damaged less often, because it is protected by well-developed muscles, but pain can appear and can.

First, from lifting of gravity, playing sports after a long break, unusual physical activity. These painful sensations pass fairly quickly.

Secondly, it can be a disease - tendenitis,when the tendons of the biceps are inflamed due to rubbing it against the bone followed by a tear. Disease of the shoulder joint - bursitis - also gives pain from the shoulder to the elbow. Soreness in the hand can also occur after an injury resulting in a fracture of the bone, a dislocation in the joint, or damage to the ligaments and muscles. Some types of arthrosis also cause pain in this area of ​​the hands. It is better, of course, to see a doctor who will find out the cause and give advice if this is a stretch, or (with another diagnosis) impose a cast and prescribe a cure.

People with heart failure need to beespecially attentive, if the arm or hand hurts in an area of ​​a shoulder, and the pain gives in a breast. Sometimes it is a symptom of a heart attack or even a heart attack. In this case it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance. Strangely enough, the pain that appears during physical exertion and passing at rest can be caused by angina pectoris.

In any case, if the hand hurts, no matter how painfulwas: aching, pulling or passing, it is best to contact a doctor who will conduct the diagnosis, identify the cause of the disease and prescribe treatment. And it's better to start it earlier.

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