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Lately beloved fat. Benefit and harm of this product.

Well, who does not cause absolutely no emotionappetizing sandwich of black bread with thin slices of slightly salted greens sprinkled with garlic? This product has been popular for a long time and is used in a variety of forms. Fried, smoked, boiled, salted, - using all manner of treatment, people consume fat. The benefits and harms of it are always the subject of discussions and disputes. Therefore, it is worth talking about this product in detail and debunking some myths.

If we talk about lard, benefit and harmrequire separate discussion. So, the pork lard. Its use lies in a high content of biologically active substances, such as arachidonic acid, vitamins A, E, D and carotene. All these substances contribute to improving the performance of internal organs and the state of the whole organism.

Lard? The benefits and harms of this product are rather determined by the amount of food eaten. After all, useful food, consumed in too large quantities, can do much harm. Scientists have shown that it perfectly cleanses blood vessels from such harmful cholesterol, helps reduce the likelihood of cancer, removes toxins and toxins from the body, and the use of such a useful product in combination with garlic, whose antibacterial properties have long been known, doubles the effect.

It is worth mentioning that one of the mostoptimal snacks for vodka or red wine - this is lard, the benefit in this case is that it encircles the stomach and does not get too drunk.

However, many think that in the obstruction of blood vesselscholesterol and excessive fatality is guilty of fat, the benefits and harm of it are constantly exposed to criticism and discussion, but there are facts based on scientific evidence, and with them you can not argue. That's them and worth talking about, to debunk all the myths associated with such a wonderful product, like bacon. The benefits and harms in all cases depend only on the extent to which the given product is used or not.

It is this unique product that is assimilated intoalmost completely, namely ninety-nine percent. It is proved that the cholesterol contained in it is completely excreted, not deposited in the vessels, but rather, on the contrary, fat contributes to the purification of vessels from dangerous cholesterol, especially it acts in combination with garlic.

Thanks to good digestion, it helps to cleanseliver and the removal from the body of heavy metals. Long and high-quality storage of this product during the research showed that it is not susceptible to the development of bacteria, unlike meat. Some types of diets not only do not prohibit the use of fat, but rather, on the contrary, it is recommended to include this product in their diet. The body needs fats, but only healthy, and fat is the best option in this case. Proper use of it helps to normalize the weight, purify the body and saturate it with essential fatty acids.

If we talk about the dangers of this product, it is worthmention all kinds of smoked products, in which lard is combined with meat. Consumption of lard with white bread can indeed lead to fatness and, on the contrary, a sandwich with the use of coarse bread is perfectly absorbed by the body and does not harm it. It should also be said about the dangers of using this product in fried form. Like any other product, heavily roasted fat will not bring the body any leprosy, but if it is slightly heated, and not overcooked, the fat will digest even better.

It is necessary to add that caloric content of fatis eight hundred kilocalories per hundred grams and if you compare it with the calorie content of some other products and take into account all the useful properties of fat, it becomes clear that its correct use, in reasonable quantities, with the right combination with other products will only benefit, not harm.

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