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The drug "Amiksin" - reviews

Recently, when every year multipliesthe number of different viruses and infections, an increasing number of people wanting to protect themselves from infection, opt for the drug "Amiksin." Reviews about him from those who took it, in the overwhelming majority of cases, are positive.

It is manufactured in the form of biconvex round tablets with a film coating, which has a bright orange color. At the break, they are orange, although the presence of minor inclusions of white color is allowed.

The active substance of this drug isTylorone (tilaxine). One tablet (125 mg) contains 60 mg of this substance. It also includes other components: potato starch, MCC, calcium stearate, kollidon 30 (povidone), impellose (croscarmellose sodium). The film membrane consists of hypromellose, titanium dioxide, macrogol 4000, polysorbate 80, sikovita orange (E110), quinoline yellow (E104).

There are following types of packages of the preparation, containing 6,10,20 tablets:

- contour-packed cells;

- tablets in polymer cans.

The drug "Amiksin", reviews about which are based onobtained antiviral and immunomodulating effect, in the patient's body actively stimulates the formation of interferon. After taking the drug, the human body actively responds by producing this substance. The main producers of interferon are hepatocytes, intestinal epithelium, T-lymphocytes, granulocytes, neutrophils. The drug "Amiksin", the description of the action of which is based on numerous and lengthy laboratory tests, after taking the pill causes maximum production of interferon after 4 hours. First he enters the intestine, then into the liver and blood. The half-life of the drug Amiksin is 48 hours. This substance stimulates stem cells in the bone marrow, enhances antibody formation.

The drug "Amiksin", reviews about whichtestify to its effectiveness against a wide range of different viral infections, it is recommended to use against ARVI, influenza viruses, hepatoviruses, herpes virus. This drug depresses the reproduction of viruses. The efficacy of this agent against avian influenza has been proved by laboratory methods.

The drug "Amiksin", reviews about which(C, A, B), cytomegalovirus infection, are also used in the complex therapy of viral, infectious and allergic encephalomyelitis (uveoencephalitis, multiple sclerosis, leukoencephalitis). It is also used for the treatment of diseases such as respiratory and urogenital chlamydia.

Children under 7 years of age are not prescribed Amixin tablets. The doctors' testimonies testify that treatment of this remedy by children from 7 years is very effective for influenza and various ARI.

In the prevention of viral hepatitis drugtake once a week after eating 1 tab. 6 weeks. In the treatment: 1 day - 1 tab. twice, in the following days - 1 tab. in 48 hours. During the course of therapy use 10 tab. In acute hepatitis, the dose per course is 20 tablets, while for chronic it is 30-40 tab.

In the treatment of acute respiratory infections and influenza, 1 and 2 days are prescribed for 1 tablet. Then 1 tablet every 48 hours. In total use 6 tab. For prophylaxis take once a week after eating 1 tab. 6 weeks.

In the complex treatment of neuroviral infections, the dose is set individually by the attending physician.

Contraindicated drug pregnant and lactatingwomen. Side effects: a short fever, dyspeptic phenomena. Cases of overdose with this drug are unknown. The drug is compatible with any antibiotic and other antiviral medicines.

Keep the tablets "Amiksin" can be 3 years in the dark at 20-25 ° C.

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