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Papillomas in the mouth: causes, treatment, laser removal

Papillomas in the mouth - as well as on other partsbodies - appear suddenly. When multiple small lesions appear on the body, lips, tongue, tonsils and the sky, speech is usually about HPV - the human papillomavirus. Today we learn about the causes of these outgrowths in the mouth, about the ways of their removal and preventive measures to prevent re-infection.

Causes of HPV

Papillomas in the mouth may appear whentraumatizing the mucous membrane during various dental manipulations and prosthetics of the teeth, or if the person has such bad habits as the constant use of too hot food or drinks (for example, scorching mucous tea).

The risk of HPV infection is very high withgeneral, and local immunity. It can be provoked by prolonged use of antibacterial drugs or hormonal tablets. Often, papilloma on the lip or in the oral cavity occurs with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and with hormonal imbalance.

papilloma on the lip

Types of formations in the oral cavity

Described neoplasms are divided depending on the place of appearance and form:

  1. Flat papillomas - appear on the gums. Such formations are slightly pinkish, and their surface is granular.
  2. Epithelial papillomas - reddish growths, to the touch they are soft and mobile.
  3. A simple papilloma in the mouth. Photos of this kind of education can be seen in our article. It has a pineal form, the base of which is flat.
  4. Pointed papillomas (appear with oral sex).
  5. Filamentary warts - are formed in any part of the oral cavity. Such growths have a thin pedicle and are easily traumatized.

papilloma in the mouth

Danger of tumors in the mouth

Papillomas in the mouth mostly appear in the throat,in the tongue, tonsils, palatine arches and even on the vocal cords. They can not only bring discomfort, but also pose a serious threat to human health.

So, papilloma in the mouth, photo of which can be seenin this article, can disrupt diction and cause bad breath, but most importantly - it is able to grow from benign to malignant. With the growth of the epithelium, the growth of cells can acquire an uncontrolled nature, so it is important to identify benign education in time and correctly remove it.

Ways to eliminate build-up

Papilloma in the mouth, the treatment of which must be started immediately, as soon as it is found, can be removed by various methods:

  • cutting out a medical loop;
  • laser;
  • excision of the scalpel;
  • sonication;
  • electrocoagulation;
  • Konhotom;
  • radiowave excision.

The most popular method for today is the removal of education with a laser.

papilloma in mouth treatment

Carrying out the manipulation

Before getting rid of the papilloma, the patientundergoes tests to exclude the malignant nature of the tumor. The place where the education is located, the doctor does not process anything, does not anesthetize, as laser removal is absolutely painless manipulation. The patient is put on goggles, and a beam of laser beams is sent to the formation.

Laser removal lasts no more than a minute. Specially directed beams evaporate the water in a problematic place, the cells shrink and begin to turn into a crust. However, after half an hour the skin turns red and swells, but it's normal. After a few days, it goes away, and the crust that appeared on the site of impact falls off within one week.

laser removal

Advantages and disadvantages of laser treatment

As with any kind of treatment, the laser has its advantages and disadvantages. The pluses are:

  • lack of blood and pain;
  • sterility of manipulation;
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • fastness of carrying out;
  • no risk of further infection;
  • absence of influence on taste perception;
  • possibility for a session to remove several papillomas in the mouth.

But there is a procedure for laser exposure and one drawback - the high cost of conducting.

Complex treatment

If a person thinks that the papilloma of the mouthcan be eliminated by a laser and no further therapeutic measures need be taken, this is a misconception. After all, such a growth of benign nature appears due to infection of the whole organism. And this means that you need to get rid of the virus in a complex way, otherwise it can again cause the appearance of papillomas.

For this purpose, doctors prescribe a comprehensive therapy, which includes 3 items:

  1. Cleansing of the mouth.
  2. Antiviral treatment. Scheduled vaccination (not always performed).
  3. Strengthening of immunity.

And that the oral cavity did not become a sourceconstant infection, it is necessary to take all measures so that a person does not have papillomas on the mucosa. To do this, you need to get rid of caries, remove dental plaque and stone in time, and also treat inflammation.

papilloma of the mouth

Medical and preventive measures

Use of antivirus tools allowsinfluence the cause of tumors. In this case, special drugs reduce the activity of the virus and prevent its further reproduction. Among a large number of such funds, doctors allocate the following effective drugs: Panavir, Famvir, Cycloferon.

To prevent relapse, the doctor mayOffer the patient an inoculation against the HPV virus. For this, the drug "Gardasil" is most often used. The vaccine contains organic substances that do not cause pain and help the body to produce cells of the immune system. They then block the virus's ability to penetrate the body. But a person should understand that vaccines help to protect themselves from the problem, but they do not eliminate it, therefore, the preparation "Gardasil" is not used for treatment.

Age of vaccination againstPapillomavirus is limited to 26 years. Later, inoculations are undesirable, because their effectiveness will be reduced several times. In general, the HPV vaccine helps a person to protect themselves from the virus for at least 7 years.

How to avoid the appearance of papillomas

If a person's body's defenses areweakened, then again and again papilloma can appear on the lip, tongue and other parts of the body. This requires drugs that strengthen immunity. A specific complex of vitamins is prescribed by the doctor.

And as you understand, any disease is better to prevent than to engage in long-term and expensive treatment. For the prevention of infection with papillomavirus, the following items should be observed:

  1. Daily proper oral hygiene. Do not use other people's toothbrushes and lipsticks, because they can be infected with a virus.
  2. Using a condom even with oral contacts.
  3. High-grade food. The daily diet of a person must necessarily include fresh vegetables and fruits, porridges. Useful food will help to strengthen immunity and prevent the penetration of the virus into the body.
  4. Regular visit to the dentist. It is the specialist who can find the problem in time and start treatment of a benign growth.

papilloma in the mouth photo


Papillomas in the mouth may appear in anya person under certain circumstances: reduced immunity, non-compliance with personal hygiene, after unsuccessful dental manipulations, etc.

Today, medicine suggests that patients get rid offrom such outgrowths by several methods, the safest and most effective among them is laser removal. But we should not forget about such rules as nutrition, timely vaccination against the virus, and compliance with the rules of oral hygiene.

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