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Treatment of allergic dermatitis

Allergic dermatitis is a skin reaction tovarious substances, which are called allergens. It usually occurs in individuals who have a genetic predisposition to this. Healthy people, as a rule, are not susceptible to allergens.

The duration of the disease depends on the timeeffects of the allergen: the longer the contact, the longer will be the treatment of allergic dermatitis. If the effect of the allergen was prolonged, the destruction of the deep layers of the skin and the formation of deep ulcers after which on the affected area of ​​the skin pigmentation, scaling and even scarring can begin. Therefore, if a person has an allergic dermatitis on the face, you need to immediately begin treatment.

Allergic dermatitis on the face with oily skincan be treated with infusion of St. John's wort perfumed, cooked in a ratio of one to five. And with dry skin, a nutritious mask made from mashed potatoes and sour cream is a good help: a warm mixture is applied to the face for twenty minutes and then washed off with cool water.

The disease can occur both in an acute form,and in the chronic. The acute form of allergic dermatitis is characterized by the appearance of redness on the skin, erosion, swelling, itching and burning. And if the process is chronic - the skin appears a characteristic pattern, nodules, scratching and flaking. If you have allergic dermatitis, you should immediately consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary treatment. If exposure to allergens is prolonged or repeated, then dermatitis can go into such a serious disease as eczema.

To know how to treat allergic dermatitis,you need to determine its appearance. Allergic dermatitis can be contact, when the substance gets on the skin. For example, chemicals contained in diapers can cause allergic dermatitis in young children, and synthetic pottery material - pottery dermatitis. Similarly, allergic substances can enter the body through the respiratory tract or through the digestive tract and cause toxicermy or toxicoderm. It can be as food, and chemical substances or medicines, for example, novocaine, streptocide, iodine. Defeat of the skin in this case usually occurs within a few hours, but it can manifest itself in two to four days.

Treatment of allergic dermatitis depends also onfrom the nature of the origin of allergens, which can be infectious or non-infectious. Non-infectious include home and book dust, animal hair and feathers of birds, fish scales, dandruff, plant pollen, citrus fruits, chocolate, preservatives, and so on, and various infectious allergens include various viruses and bacteria, as well as pathogenic fungi. Therefore, in order to know how to treat allergic dermatitis correctly, you need to find out the cause of its occurrence. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to immediately identify an allergic substance. Sometimes it takes several days or even months. For example, a food allergen can be detected by exclusion or for a long time to keep a food diary, recording there all the foods eaten during the day.

So, the treatment of allergic dermatitis andToxicoderma begins with the detection and elimination of allergens. To remove harmful substances from the body used diuretic and laxatives, abundant drink. On the skin impose special pastes and ointments, as well as various lotions and talkers. Treatment of allergic dermatitis is not without the use of antihistamines.

It is very important to take good care of the skin. A good therapeutic effect is given by baths with broths of various herbs. When wetting form of allergic dermatitis use decoctions prepared from a string, celandine, chamomile and St. John's wort. Broths from walnut leaves and oak bark well help. If the skin is dry - you need to use decoctions cooked from laurel leaves or birch buds.
Corticosteroid and hormonalointments. It is mistakenly believed that the use of these ointments disrupts the hormonal balance in the body, but the experience of foreign scientists proves that this is not so.

You can treat dermatitis and folk remedies,only such treatment will be effective if produced in combination with special diets, it is also possible to combine with "official" methods of treatment. In any case, before you start using folk remedies, you need to consult with your doctor.

Whichever method of treatment of dermatitis is applied,it is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to be more often outdoors and to use as little as possible decorative cosmetics. Then the treatment of dermatitis will be successful.

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