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Mannit. Instructions for use

The medicine "Mannit", whose price isabout 90 rubles, belongs to the group of diuretic medicines. The preparation is in the form of a solution for infusions. The active substance is mannitol. The agent helps to increase the osmotic pressure in the plasma. The medicine provokes water retention and an increase in the volume of urine. The drug is not able to penetrate through the tissue and cellular barriers, does not increase the residual nitrogen. The agent "Mannit" (instructions for use contains such data) is characterized by poor absorption, and therefore injected intravenously. There is a slight metabolism in the liver. The drug is excreted in the urine.


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The drug "Mannitol" is prescribed for edema of the brain,intracranial pressure (against a background of renal-hepatic or renal insufficiency). The medication is used for posttransfusion complications due to the introduction of incompatible blood, diuresis (forced) against the background of salicylate poisoning, barbiturates. The drug "Mannit" instructions for use recommends in oliguria on the basis of renal-hepatic or renal failure acute flow with a preserved filtration function of the organs (in complex therapy). The medication is prescribed for the prevention of hemolysis in operations using extracorporeal circulation to prevent ischemia in the kidney and the likely acute failure of the renal system.



The "Mannit" tool (instructions for useindicates this) is not allowed to be prescribed for anuria accompanying acute necrosis of renal tubules, hypersensitivity, left ventricular failure (especially with pulmonary edema). The drug is not recommended for subarachnoid hemorrhage (with the exception of bleeding during the trepanation of the skull), hemorrhagic stroke, severe dehydration, hypokalemia. Contraindications include hypochloraemia, hyponatremia. Caution when prescribing is observed with elderly patients. The expediency of using the drug during pregnancy or during lactation is established by a specialist.

The drug "Mannit." Instructions for use

mannit instructions for use

Intravenous drip or jet preparationis entered slowly. For prophylaxis appoint a remedy in a dose of 0.5 g / kg of weight, for treatment - 1-1.5 g / kg. On the day the amount of the drug should not be more than 140-180 g. Before carrying out the infusion, the "Mannit" remedy recommends that the instruction for use be heated to a temperature of 37 degrees. During interventions using artificial circulation, the drug is used at a dose of 20-40 g. Patients with oliguria are given a preliminary trial dose of 200 mg / kg for three to five minutes. If there is no increase in diuresis within 2-3 hours to a level of 30-50 ml / h from the administration of the drug, it is necessary to refuse.

The drug "Mannit." Instructions for use. Side effect

On the basis of the use of medicines, dehydration, lowering of pressure, disturbance in water-electrolyte metabolism, muscle weakness, dyspepsia are noted.

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