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Tusuprex: instructions for use, price

Modern pharmacology offers patients anddoctors a lot of different means for fighting cough. The principle of their action is significantly different. Some contribute to the expansion of the bronchi, others dilute sputum and help to expectorate it, while others oppress the cough reflex.

In order to choose the right medicine,it is necessary to see a doctor. Today's article will tell you about the features of the drug "Tusuprex". Instructions for use will be presented to your attention.

tusuprex instructions for use

What does the abstract say?

Tablets "Tusuprex" instructions for useis positioned as a medicine with an antitussive and insignificant expectorant effect. The composition of one pill includes 10 or 20 milligrams of the active substance: oxeladine citrate. When is Tusuprex necessary?

Instruction for use reports thatappointed tablets for cough of different origins: allergic, psychogenic, irritating. It is advisable to use pills before and after bronchoscopy, with complex therapy of bronchitis, pneumonia and other infectious processes in the upper respiratory tract. Contraindicated treatment "Tusupreksom" with bronchial asthma, and if there is a difficult passage of sputum.

tusuprex instructions for application price

Tusuprex: instructions for use

In order to treat cough, the medication is used foradults - 20 milligrams of the main substance multiplicity of 4 times a day. For children after one year, the treatment is carried out as follows: the daily dose of the drug is 15-40 mg. The portion chosen according to the severity of the pathology must be divided into 3-4 doses. Children up to one year of medicine can be given no more than three times a day for 5 milligrams. Before using the medication - find out what the Tusuprex tablets tell us about the instructions for use.

Price: interesting information

The drug "Tusuprex" is known for a long time. It was often used to treat a cough, because the tablets had an affordable cost. In addition, the drug could be used not only for adults, but also for children. The latest information on the release of antitussive pills dates back to 1996. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how much the medicine would cost today.

If you refer to customer reviews, you canfind out that the drug was cheap. Transferring to today's money, you could buy it for no more than 50 rubles. Patients said that the price was very attractive. At the same time, the quality of the drug did not decrease: Tusuprex helped effectively and quickly.

tusuprex application instructions price reviews


From the article you learned that it informs about the oldpreparation "Tusuprex" instructions for use. The price, reviews about which are also presented to your acquaintance, for today can not be named. After all, this medication has not been available for a long time. One can not even imagine how many tablets could cost now. If it is necessary, you can buy analogues with the same active substance, for example, syrup "Pakseladin". Its cost is about 900 rubles for 125 ml.

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