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Is it effective to treat psoriasis with folk remedies?

Anyone who has run into psoriasis knows thatto treat this disease is difficult. And the treatment process is long enough, requiring special attention, patience and strict adherence to the recommendations of doctors. Doctors believe that it is impossible to cure psoriasis completely, permanently rid the sick from this disease. It's enough just to be nervous or scared, so that the manifestations appear again on the skin. Is it possible to effectively treat psoriasis with folk remedies?

What is this disease?

Treatment of psoriasis with folk remedies
Psoriasis is a skin disease. On the human body appear red scaly areas.

Occasionally, the appearance of vesicles filled with purulent fluid.

Spots appear on the head (especially at the temples and behind the ears), after - on the hands and feet. If you do not treat psoriasis, then over time all skin can become stained.

People with psoriasis can be men and women and children. It is important to begin treatment immediately after the disease is discovered.

And the success in many respects depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis and the identification of the cause of the ailment. And there are plenty of reasons.


Treatment of psoriasis on the dead sea
Before starting treatment of psoriasis folkmeans or medicinal preparations, it is necessary to find out what causes provoke an exacerbation. Only knowing them, we can talk about a positive outcome of treatment. Among the reasons noted: stress, alcohol abuse, taking drugs that have a hormonal nature, streptococcal infection, minor or severe damage to the skin.

Treatment of psoriasis

It is said that effective treatment of psoriasis onThe Dead Sea. Patients, after a course of therapy, noted improvement and a marked decrease in flaky areas of the skin. However, doctors believe that only complex therapy will help get rid of the disease. Another thing is the treatment of psoriasis in a sanatorium under the watchful eye of doctors.

Traditional methods of treatment

There are many recipes and advice of traditional medicine, helping to overcome psoriasis. Let's consider some of them.

Treatment of psoriasis in a sanatorium
It is recommended to rub into the affected areasessential oil. Bergamot, chamomile, geranium, lavender and jasmine contribute to the healing of the skin and its rapid renewal. In addition to rubbing oil, it must be added to the bath. Lying in fragrant cool water should be at least 20 minutes.

When treating psoriasis, it must be remembered that the root of the disease is inside the body. Herbal tea, which has a calming effect, will help to cure.

Remember, starting treatment of psoriasis folk remedies, you should check whether there is an allergy to this or that component, especially the herbs.

By the way, get rid of peeling and calmthe affected skin will help oatmeal. Oat flakes should be crushed, pour boiling water, cool and, applying a gauze bandage, apply to the affected areas. Such lotions will help the hardened areas of the skin to become softer, and the keratinized layer will quickly peel off.

Speaking about the treatment of psoriasis with folk remedies,should pay attention to the fact that all these methods are useless, if the patient does not adhere to a special diet, does not take vitamins and neglects personal hygiene. Also during the treatment of psoriasis, alcohol and tobacco smoke are contraindicated.

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