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The medicine "Kolme". Instructions for use and description

Medication "Kolme" instructions for usecharacterizes as a medicine that has an antialcoholic effect. The drug helps increase the concentration of acetaldehyde, the product of decomposition of ethyl alcohol, provoking a sense of tachycardia, nausea, dyspnea, flushing of blood and others, making alcohol unpleasant. This action leads to an aversion to the smell and taste of alcohol. The activity of the medication is noted forty to sixty minutes after administration and lasts for twelve hours. The drug has no hypotensive effect.

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The drug is recommended for the treatment and prevention of recurrence of alcoholism in the chronic stage.

Contra-indications "Kolme"

No medication is prescribed for severe pathologiesheart system, during pregnancy, with respiratory and renal diseases (with reduced function), hypersensitivity. The drug is not recommended during lactation.

Means of "Kolme". Instructions for use. Adverse Reactions

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Taking medication does not provoke negativeconsequences, if not used alcohol. In rare cases, skin rashes, drowsiness, fatigue, transient leukocytosis, tinnitus can occur. At the use of alcohol-containing drinks there is a hyperemia of a skin of the expressed character, a pulsation in a neck and a head, difficulty of breath, a tachycardia, a nausea. Patients feel pain in the chest. There is also blurred vision, a collapoid state, increased sweating, weakness. In accordance with the amount of alcohol consumed, the severity of side effects appears.

The medicine "Kolme". Instructions for use

Means drink inside. Dosage 36-75 mg (twelve to twenty-five drops) twice a day (with an interval of twelve hours). The duration of therapy is appointed individually.

The preparation "Kolme". Instructions for use. additional information

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In case of an overdose, an exacerbation ofreactions. In case of poisoning, the device recommends standard first aid measures, symptomatic treatment. In conditions of overdose it is necessary to provide control over the activity of the system of respiration, heart, liver. If necessary, blood transfusion is performed. The drug is prescribed only after careful diagnosis of the patient, warning of complications and likely consequences. Medication begins to drink no earlier than twelve hours after the last use of alcohol. It should be remembered that side effects may occur when taking alcohol-containing foods. Caution in treatment is observed in the presence of diabetes, hyperthyroidism, pathologies of renal and cardiovascular systems, epilepsy. Based on the long-term therapeutic course, it is recommended to control at least half a year the activity of the thyroid gland.

How much does "Kolme" cost

The price of the drug depends on the form of release. The initial cost of the medication is 1048 r.

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