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Cleansing the body with activated carbon: benefit and harm

For a long life in the human bodyaccumulates a huge amount of "waste", which, unfortunately, is not always fully output. Therefore, they need to help leave the body and bounce back your intestines. Methods of cleansing the intestine can be enumerated to infinity, and one of the most popular was the cleansing of the body with activated charcoal.

Carrying out cleansing of the body with activated carbonyou need to know that this is one of the safest ways. It can be used without the appointment of a doctor and practically does not lead to the appearance of side effects. This method of purifying the body was known to the Egyptians, and also widely used in Russia. But over time and the emergence of many other ways to get rid of harmful substances, he receded into the background.

In what medicine cabinet there is no activatedcoal, because he is one of the main assistants with abdominal pain. Cleaning with this adsorbent is especially useful for residents of large cities, as well as for industrial accidents.

To begin the procedure for cleansing the body shouldto weigh yourself, to know exactly your weight. It is on the basis of weight is calculated the amount of the drug. For every ten kilograms of body weight, only one tablet of activated carbon is needed. The main thing is no more, otherwise you can do much harm.

Continue cleansing the body with activatedcoal is necessary for two weeks. It is recommended to take tablets in the morning and in the evening. Pills the tablets into powder and wash with water. During the entire period of the procedure, one should refrain from oily and other harmful food, exclude alcohol. Do not combine cleansing with the use of other medications, because activated carbon will negate all the medicinal properties of the drugs.

Diet for cleansing of the intestines should mainlybased on products that will enrich the body with useful bacteria and vitamins. Grain bread, cereals, vegetables and fruits will be useful. Also useful are sour-milk products, or special drinks with milk bacteria.

Cleansing the body with activated carbon for allits pluses has its downsides. Since coal is a very powerful sorbent and attracts not only harmful bacteria, but also useful substances. This can lead to "dryness" of the body. The most cautious should be people with heart disease, as there is a possibility of a violation of the potassium-calcium balance, which can even lead to death. Also, do not use this cleansing for people who have an individual intolerance to the drug. With peptic ulcers, as well as in the presence of bleeding in the digestive organs, it is strictly forbidden to use activated charcoal.

Increasing the dose of activated carbon, more thanaccording to the scheme, can lead to negative consequences. This can provoke a disruption in the well-coordinated work of your gastrointestinal tract, the absorption of nutrients from food. Erosion of the mucous membrane can also be induced. One of the side effects may be diarrhea or constipation, a toxic effect (vomiting, nausea) can be caused. During the procedure, you should drink plenty of clean water, at least two liters per day. Water will help the body to dispose of and remove harmful substances. At the end of the cleansing procedure, you should take a vitamin complex.

It should be remembered that cleansing the bodyActivated charcoal is best carried out on the advice of a doctor. After all, self-medication can not be of use, and even vice versa, cause harm. Before you start any action, well, weigh everything and only then act.

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