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Atopic dermatitis in a child: causes, symptoms, treatment

In the last ten years, such a disease asatopic dermatitis in a child, is diagnosed more often. This is due to a significant deterioration in the environmental situation and a decrease in the quality of food. A mild infantile body is particularly vulnerable to these factors.

atopic dermatitis in children

Symptoms of the disease

Atopic dermatitis in a child to recognizenot difficult. On the skin there is redness, dryness, inflammation, rash, red spots, seals, scales. The situation is complicated by constant itching. All this gives the baby anxiety.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms,Dermatitis can have a heavy, medium and light form. It can also be diffuse, spread or limited. Atopic dermatitis in a child exacerbated by contact with allergens. It can be dust, wool, pollen plants, mold and food. The intensity of the course of the disease can have a seasonal dependence.

Causes of the disease

atopic dermatitis army

From the point of view of medicine, atopic dermatitischild occurs as a result of violations of the internal organs. Imbalance of any of the systems (mucous surfaces, immunity, metabolic processes, lymphatic, nervous systems, biliary tract) can trigger the development of the disease. Disturbances in the body's self-purification system lead to the accumulation of toxins and toxins.

The main cause of the disease in childrenis the wrong food. It is very difficult to recognize the allergen in this case. The reaction can not take place immediately. Even after six months, the eaten orange can make itself felt. In this regard, young mothers are advised to strictly follow all the recommendations for nutrition.

How to treat atopic dermatitis

atopic dermatitis in children

The army of specialists has been engaged for many yearsstudy of this problem. Before you begin any treatment, you should consult your doctor. First of all, you will be advised to adjust the diet and exclude from the menu of the child any products that can provoke an allergy. In addition, phytotherapy, moxotherapy, and acupressure are effective. Atopic dermatitis in children (photos confirm this disease) not only causes discomfort to babies, but also spoils their appearance. In this regard, the main task in the treatment is: elimination of itching, skin cleansing, elimination of redness and rash, stabilization of the work of all internal organs.

There are many medications,able to quickly remove the symptoms of the disease. As a rule, along with the use of various tablets, it is recommended to use creams and ointments. They relieve itching, redness and soften the skin.

However, it should be noted that not every childwell tolerates taking medications and the situation can only worsen. In this case, the only way out is to follow a strict diet, as well as phytotherapy. These drugs are made exclusively from natural ingredients, taking into account the characteristics of the child. They are highly effective and have no side effects. Thus, you can be sure of the result and not be afraid for the life and health of the baby.

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