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Some tips on how to properly hook a hookah and have fun

Those who have been to the Middle East will confirm thatSmoking hookah there is universally accepted and is part of the culture of the countries in this region. The question of how to properly hammer a hookah, or, as it is called in the East, a narghile, and what to do next, the locals do not arise. Our fans of fragrant smoke do not always cope with such a task. Let's take a closer look at what a hookah is, where it came from and how to properly fill it.

Where and when did the hookah appear?

Over a thousand years ago, on the border with Pakistan, innorth-western province of India, began to use a special smoking device - a hookah. He was not much like modern sophisticated devices, and the base, tube and head for it were made from coconut shell.

Initially, hookahs were used to consume cannabis and opium. But as the culture of smoking nargile spread to the territory of Persia, dark tobacco varieties began to be used more and more.

From Persia, the hookah spread quite rapidly over the countries of Eastern and Northern Africa, East Asia, the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.

In the Ottoman Empire, this is the name of Turkey, hookah came in the 17th century.

It was from Turkey that the smoking device began to spread around the world, subduing the countries of the Old World, and then the American continent.

How long have been smoking hookah in Russia?

How to hammer tobacco in a hookah

For the first time in Russia hookah was most likelythe times of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 as an outlandish souvenir and trophies. At that time, his smoking was not widely spread.

The time of triumphant return of the hookah onthe territory of Russia can be considered the last decades, when this exotic smoking device was brought by tourists returning from their holidays in Egypt and Turkey, as a souvenir for smoking friends and relatives. Over the past decade, the culture of using hookah has spread quite widely and has gained popularity among youth circles.

Various entertainment venues, clubs, bars,cafes and restaurants have equipped special rooms for smoking - hookah halls. Where trained to how to hammer tobacco into a hookah, experts prepare this smoking device for all comers.

Many of those who tried the hookah, acquireit for your own personal use. However, in most cases, instead of the expected pleasure, lovers of fragrant smoke face a number of problems. First of all, with how to properly hammer a hookah, so you can enjoy smoking.

Before proceeding with the description of the process of its filling, let us briefly consider the device of this device for smoking.

Hookah device

It consists of four main parts:

How to hammer a small hookah

1. A flask, or, as it is also called, a base chamber partially filled with water.

2. Bowls for tobacco, on top of which the heating element is placed.

3. Hookahs, made of metal hollow tube, the size of which can vary from 20 to 100 cm.

4. Hookah hose that connects to the hole at the top of the bulb or to the metal shaft. The part consists of a branch pipe, the hose and the mouthpiece.

Having learned about what this oriental smoking device consists of, let's find out how to collect and how to properly hook a hookah.

Operation of hookah. We collect the device

how to properly hammer a hookah

First of all, the hookah is poured into the flaskliquid: water, wine, milk, juice, etc. An iron element is inserted into the flask. The tube, which is located inside the base chamber and comes out from the top, should be immersed in water, to a depth of five to seven centimeters. To ensure that the parts are joined together tightly, a seal is necessary. To the outlet, located in the upper part, connect the hose. If there are no seals, they can be replaced with moist thin paper or foil. After installing the hose, it is important to check the tightness of the hookah. For this purpose, the finger of the hand is closed by the inlet opening, and through the mouthpiece on the hose they try to draw in air. If everything is assembled correctly, the air will be drawn in with difficulty.

At the very least, a cup for tobacco is installed, which must be hermetically connected to the hookah.

How to properly hook a hookah?

Hookah can be filled with a variety ofsorts of tobacco: both simple and flavored. But whichever tobacco was, take it a little, about a pinch, since it's not necessary to stuff a hookah cup correctly, but at the same time the tobacco mixture should be enough for smoking.

how correctly to hammer a cup of hookah

A bowl with tobacco wrapped in it is tightly coveredfoil or grating. In the opinion of hookah lovers, it is preferable to use foil, since the grate does not fit very tightly, and it heats much slower than the foil. In a foil with any sharp object, for example, a toothpick or the tip of a pencil, several holes must be made through which hot air from the coal would get on the tobacco.

The next step will be the burning of coal. If you have ordinary coal, then it can be heated on the included plate and put it on the foil on top. Then immediately smoke a hookah.

If you have a so-called self-igniting,impregnated with saltpeter coal, then turning a piece of paper or newspaper into a tube, we set it on fire and hold the coal over the flame with forceps. It is important to wait for a complete burn-out of the coal. If you do not, when you smoke, you will feel an extremely unpleasant taste in your mouth.

On the question of how to score a small hookah,The answer is quite simple: if you do not have a souvenir version with a sealed tube, then just like any conventional device of a standard or large size.

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