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Balanoposthitis: treatment of male ailments

Balanoposthitis is a purely masculine inflammatory disease, when the infection covers the foreskin and glans penis.

The main causes of balanoposthitis -these are the transferred infectious diseases, such as syphilis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and others, transmitted mainly by sexual way. However, the disease can develop for other reasons not associated with infections. The occurrence of balanoposthitis can contribute to herpes, psoriasis, diabetes mellitus. It is also possible for a disease with a balanoposthitis in the absence of hygiene of the genital organs.

Despite the fact that the diseases of the penisfor any man is a delicate topic, but this should be approached without any embarrassment. And in order not to run a balanoposthitis, treatment must begin in a timely manner. This will prevent the development of complications.

Although balanoposthitis is not very common,the disease occurs in almost all corners of the earth. The degree of development depends on many circumstances. The occurrence of the disease affects the standard of living, health development, and ethnic characteristics. For example, in countries where men are circumcised, this ailment is practically absent.

Various forms are known, which is taken by balanoposthitis. Symptoms of the disease in any form have their own characteristics.

The chronic form is divided into gangrenous, ulcerative-pustular, erosive and simple. Occurs when the infection is transmitted through the sexual way, and when the disease is due to herpes or diabetes.

The acute form is manifested as a swelling of the headgenitals and foreskin. At the same time, the skin begins to turn red and may crack. There is a strong itching, which prevents the head from exposing. With urination and its completion, there is an unbearable burning pain accompanied by purulent discharge. At the sexual certificate or act premature ejaculation is observed.

To determine the form of the disease, conduct a special examination. To do this, make a microscopy of smears and bacterial culture.

If diagnosed with "Balanoposthitis", treatmenta qualified specialist with experience in this field should perform. Before appointments, the patient should be examined and the necessary tests performed. During treatment, attention should be paid to the implementation of genital hygiene. A good result is the use of medicines containing a powerful antiseptic compound. Before applying the antiseptic on the head of the penis, rinse it with warm water.

When worried about acute balanoposthitis, treatmentIt is impossible to carry out with the use of alcohol preparations, iodine and manganese. If the measures taken do not give positive changes, you should consult a doctor to prescribe new drugs that have anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antibiotic effects.

Good effect on balanoposthitistreatment at home with the help of folk remedies. To do this, take the flowers of chemist's chamomile, pour them with boiling water in the proportion of "one to one." The cooled mixture is applied to a sterile bandage and applied to the affected area.

In half a glass of olive oil addten grams of calendula, stand in the sun for three weeks, stirring occasionally. The resulting ointment is applied as needed to the affected areas of the skin.

An effective tool is the infusion of leavesmedicinal sage, which is washed with abscesses. It is also used as a compress, applying on the inflamed skin. Recipe: two teaspoons of grass for half an hour insist in half a liter of boiling water.

Take care of yourself, do not engage in casual sex, observe personal hygiene - and then the doctor will never diagnose you "Balanoposthitis".

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