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Acute and chronic pharyngitis: treatment at home

When the pharyngeal mucosa becomes inflamed, putdiagnosis of pharyngitis. Treatment at home should begin immediately after the appearance of the first signs of ailment, in this case, recovery occurs in the shortest possible time. The disease has two forms of flow: chronic and acute. The first of them very often interacts with the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose, as a result of which it is called rhinopharyngitis. In adults, this form of pathology proceeds, as a rule, without raising the temperature, in children with a strong lesion, the reaction of the organism in the form of fever is possible.

pharyngitis treatment at home
Patients complain of unpleasant sensations in the throat,on the feeling of perspiration and dryness of mucous membranes. After the transferred acute form chronic enough often develops. However, it is not always the result of the aggravated processes of the upper respiratory tract. In winter, when there is a significant decrease in humidity in the room, these symptoms appear quite often and persist until the very spring.

The acute course of the disease, as a rule, requiresthe appointment of local antibacterial and antiseptic drugs. The resorption of menthol candies and the spraying of the mucous throat with aerosolized preparations, such as Ingalipt or Geksoral, give a good effect. It is also necessary abundant warm drink and frequent rinses with decoctions of herbs and soda solutions. The forecast is favorable in most cases. In pediatric practice, a decision is made by the observing pediatrician or ENT doctor who prescribes the medications in accordance with the child's age and body weight.

chronic pharyngitis folk treatment
Chronic pharyngitis: treatment at home

If the cause of dryness of the mucous membranes isreduced level of humidity in the apartment, the only method of treatment is to correct this situation. For this purpose, a special device called a climate station can be purchased at medical equipment stores. It is a humidifier and an air purifier, thanks to which the maximum positive effect on the work of the respiratory system in all cases.

Chronic pharyngitis: folk treatment

Good effect has antibacterialrinse aid. Prepare a kind of gruel from the head of garlic, fill it with one liter of apple cider vinegar and insist in a dark place for about two weeks. After that, in one glass of the obtained product, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt and rinse the throat 2-3 times a day.

Relief brings and inhalation by steam of grassbroths. Mix the pharmacy herbs of chamomile, sage, eucalyptus and St. John's wort, taking them in equal proportions. Pour a liter of water, boil and breathe healing pairs for 10 minutes.

Chronic pharyngitis, treatment at homewhich is conducted in a timely and systematic manner, does not pass quickly. But if you show persistence and continue to use folk remedies, recovery does occur without medication.

treatment of pharyngitis with propolis
A remarkable result is the treatment of pharyngitispropolis. To do this, chop 40 grams of propolis into the shavings and fill it with 100 grams of peach oil. Insist the mixture in a warm place for 7 days, periodically it must be shaken. Use the product as an oil inhalation: 5 drops of the substance obtained are added to a glass of boiling water and they are breathed for 10 minutes.

Pharyngitis: treatment at home and contraindications to it

With any allergic reactions to anyfolk remedies should be stopped immediately. If there is a fever, especially in children, immediately consult a specialist who prescribes treatment based on the history.

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