/ Why does my stomach hurt?

Why does the abdomen hurt?

Pain in the abdomen is very common, withwhich every person encounters from time to time. So why does the abdomen hurt? In fact, there are a lot of reasons, since there are a lot of organs in the abdominal cavity - intestines, stomach, liver, pancreas, etc. A disease or disorder in the work of any of these organs can cause discomfort and pain.

Why does the stomach ache: the most common causes

First of all, it is worth paying attention tomalnutrition and its consequences, because it is indigestion, heartburn and irritation of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, accompanied by pain and spasms in the abdomen. In addition, a painful syndrome occurs with diarrhea, constipation, increased gas production, and this is also the result of eating.

In most cases, discomfort and spasmsarise in a certain place, and it is localization and helps doctors to determine why the stomach hurts and which organs are affected at the same time. If the pain occurs in the lower abdomen, then this is primarily indicative of the problem of the urinary or reproductive system. It can be inflammation, the progress of stones or sand, as well as the disease of the ovaries, uterus and other organs located in the small pelvis.

If the pain occurs in the stomach, thenmost likely these are problems with the digestive system, although heart diseases and pneumonia can also spread neural signals to this site.

In the event that the pain is spreadingon the right side, it is most likely a problem in the cecum or the onset of acute appendicitis - it all depends on the intensity of the pain and other accompanying symptoms. Discomfort on the left side occurs, as a rule, when the sigmoid colon is broken.

If the pain appeared in the right hypochondrium, then thisthere may be diseases of the liver or gallbladder - inflammation, cholelithiasis, the removal of stones in the outcroppings, jaundice, etc. In this case, you need to pay attention to the color of the skin, eyeballs and secreted urine.

On the left hypochondrium spreads pain that occurs with peptic ulcer, as well as inflammation of the pancreas.

Whatever the causes of the pain syndrome,patient should be referred to a doctor. After all, quite often the abdominal pain is the first signal of serious diseases requiring constant monitoring of the doctor and immediate medical care.

Why does the abdomen hurt during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special condition for any woman. But quite often women complain of pain, especially in the lower abdomen. So why does the belly ache in expectant mothers?

Mild pain that occurs rarely- this is normal. For example, in the early stages of pregnancy, this is due to the restructuring of the body and its adaptation to the bearing of the fetus. At this time, the tissues of the uterus are changing, muscles are stretched. If the soreness has occurred in the third trimester, the reason for this - a rapid increase in the fetus, which presses on all other organs and stretches the abdominal muscles. But still, any discomfort should tell the gynecologist.

Why does the abdomen hurt with menstruation?

Menstruation for most women is associatedwith aching, cramping pains in the lower abdomen, which interfere with working, resting and implanting life. The thing is that with the monthly uterus begins to shrink intensively in order to bring out the remains of mucus, blood vessel and dead ovum. On such movements, the pain receptors of the peritoneum react, and in someone more, and in someone less intensively. If the uterus is slightly deflected back, then with the contraction it irritates the nerve roots, causing pain in the lower back and sacrum. Painful syndrome can also occur with the regular use of certain contraceptives, as well as in cases of hormonal imbalance.

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