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Vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella "Prioriks", reviews

It is believed that vaccination is a rescue frommany infectious diseases that are dangerous to humans. Often, mothers doubt whether it is worth vaccinating their children, and if they do, they start asking another question: which vaccine should they choose and where should they be given?

I want to dedicate this article to the vaccination againstmeasles, mumps and rubella (CCP) "Prioriks", the reviews of which are mixed. Parents choose this drug, since it is produced in Belgium, but even after it, the child may have negative reactions. What is the reason for this?

Description of Prioryx vaccination

This remedy is a live combined vaccine, which includes strains of the virus of rubella, measles and mumps (KPC) grown in the culture of chick embryo cells.

It is designed to immunize children in 12months, although the vaccination schedule varies from country to country. In addition, it is administered to non-immune people in the first 72 hours after contact with the patient for protection against measles.

Do not administer the vaccine:

  • with increased sensitivity to the egg hen protein and neomycin, since these substances are part of the preparation;
  • with acute obstetric dysfunction and intestinal diseases;
  • at immunodeficiency states;
  • during pregnancy.

Precautionary measures:

  • Persons with a history of seizures needbe under medical supervision for about thirty minutes, the immunization room must be provided with preparations for antishock therapy;
  • the "Prioriks" vaccine can be done together with DTP, poliomyelitis vaccine, but in different syringes;
  • the drug can be used for re-vaccination.

Side effects:

  • there may be pain, swelling and redness at the injection site;
  • Sometimes there is a cough, rhinitis and bronchitis;
  • a temperature increase is possible;
  • In rare cases, a scanty pale pink rash occurs a few days after the injection;
  • allergy - a rash after inoculation.

Prioryx vaccine, reviews

Inoculation of the PDA is considered to be one of the leastreactogenic. In norm on any vaccine there can be a rise in temperature, it is connected with formation of immunity. However, some children (especially those who are prone to allergies) are able to react to the constituents of the drug, in particular, the protein of a chicken egg. The fact is that the viruses are grown in a nutrient medium (the culture of cells of chicken embryos), then the solution is cleansed, but there are still traces of eggs in it.

On how children suffer the Belgian inoculation"Priority", reviews about her moms write on the forums. Many report that everything went fine, there were no consequences, but there are parents who give negative feedback about the vaccine "Prioriks". It is on this drug that there are reactions in the form of a rise in temperature 9-10 days after vaccination. This is cautioned by the nurses themselves in the vaccination room, saying that these are manifestations of measles in mild form, and not a food allergy (as most doctors and moms think). Such a reaction is possible due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes, although weakened, but living viruses.

Indicators on the thermometer in all children are also different. Someone has a temperature of 38 degrees, and someone under 40, and it stumbles only for an hour, and then rises again. Even the case of Quincke's edema is reported even after the introduction of the vaccine, so the reviews of the preparation "Prioriks" may be negative. However, it should be said that no one is insured against such a reaction, regardless of the vaccine manufacturer.

It is the Prioryx vaccination, which is often reviewedeverything can be found on the Internet, it is paid and used in vaccination centers, whereas polyclinics are given a Russian injection for free, most of the children tolerate it well.

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