/ / Means for losing weight - the drug "Orsoten Slim." Patient feedback, recommendations for admission, effectiveness

Means for losing weight - the drug "Orsoten Slim." Patient feedback, recommendations for admission, effectiveness

"Orsoten Slim" - a drug for weight loss,active active ingredient of which is orlistat. The same substance is a part of another known means for losing weight - "Xenical". There are two forms of the drug: Orsoten and Orsoten Slim. Reviews say that the second of them acts milder, with virtually no side effects. This is explained by the fact that the content of the main substance (orlistat) in the preparation is halved and is only 60 mg.

Orsotene Slim

What causes weight loss? The drug blocks digestive enzymes (gastrointestinal lipases) that break down fatty acids. Fat, which has entered the digestive tract, can not be absorbed by the body and will be excreted along with the feces. This allows you to reduce weight, but only in combination with a diet rich in fiber and poor fats. The latter is a prerequisite for weight loss.

Suppose that fat together with food does not come inthe body, and this makes you spend your own fat reserves, and also helps to reduce the caloric content of the diet. But you, having been delighted with the first thrown kilograms, continue to eat sweets, baked goods, potatoes, white rice. And although buns and white bread do not contain a large amount of fat, this does not prevent the body from storing excess carbohydrates in the form of subcutaneous stores. After all, carbohydrates orlistat has no effect! Therefore, if your intention to lose weight is firm, taking the drug must necessarily be combined with a low-calorie diet, it is also desirable to exclude digestible carbohydrates.

Orsoten Slim reviews
Many nutritionists recommend for weight lossuse the Orsoten Slim. The doctors' testimonies indicate that the remedy is one of the safest in comparison with other popular drugs. "Orsoten Slim" is not able to accumulate in the body, because it is not practically absorbed from the intestine. It is exposed outside with feces (up to 97% of the drug), the rest of the drug is excreted through the kidneys. After 8 hours after taking the medicine, it can not be found in the blood.

Take this product with food, drinking downwater. If you miss lunch or dinner, you will not need to use the drug. With prolonged intake of orlistat, vitamins should be additionally consumed, since it is possible to reduce the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (tocopherol, beta-carotene).

Side effects of the drug "Orsoten Slim", reviews of patients

Orsoten Slim: reviews

Since the amount of orlistat in each capsuleis small, the remedy is usually well tolerated. Side effects, if any, are mainly in the first three months of taking the medication, and they mainly concern the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Some patients experienced digestive disorders, flatulence, false or sudden desires for defecation, loose stool, abdominal pain. Allergic reactions are possible.

In general, the side effects are not pronounced and go away alone with prolonged use of the drug.

Consider what recommendations are available on admissionof the drug Orsoten Slim. The reviews tell us that unwanted effects occur primarily with the abuse of fatty foods, and the normalization of the diet relieves unpleasant sensations. Therefore, the share of fats should account for only 30% of all calories that a person consumes.

The number of kilograms dropped depends oncharacteristics of the body, the duration of the drug and physical activity. Do not dream about instant results, losing weight is slow, an average of 2-3 kilograms per month is lost. If you are also maintaining a diet, weight loss is much faster.

There are those who do not get very much lose weightafter taking the drug Orsoten Slim. The reviews indicate that these patients did not follow the dietary guidelines recommended by the doctor. Those women and men who observed all the conditions were satisfied: the weight decreased, many of the effect persisted for a long time.

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