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Cystitis in a child: treatment, advice and recommendations

Cystitis is an inflammation of the urinarya bubble caused by an E. coli (most often) or other microorganisms. In children, cystitis is usually an infection that affects the mucosa of the bladder and disrupts its function. If there was a cystitis in a child, treatment should be prescribed by a doctor - this is always the best solution. The fact is that the most dangerous thing in cystitis is its complications, more precisely the ascending infection. In this case

cystitis in child treatment
Microorganisms spread up the ureter and affect the kidneys. This is an extremely difficult condition, potentially leading to kidney failure.

Principles and medicines for the treatment of cystitis

Than to treat a cystitis at the child, the doctor will solve, the general or commonThe principles of therapy include bed rest, rest and diet (irritating products are excluded, the daily volume of liquid is increased by 50%). As an auxiliary, sedentary baths and dry heat are quite effective (it is important to know that the temperature should not exceed 37 and a half degrees, as intensive heating will sharply aggravate the disease).

than to treat cystitis in a child

When a diagnosis of cystitis is established (in a child),treatment will necessarily include antibiotics (amoxicillin) and uroseptics - pharmaceuticals that are actively excreted in the urine and act against bacteria in all parts of the urinary tract. Children most often use such groups of uroseptics as sulfonamides and fluoroquinolones. Anti-inflammatory and anesthetic agents will also be used for treatment.

Phytotherapy for cystitis in children

If the child has cystitis, folk treatment for himit is contraindicated. It is quite another matter - competent phytotherapy under the supervision of a specialist doctor in non-traditional medicine. In this situation, use medicinal plants that have antiseptic, diuretic action (for example, infusion of bark of oak, oregano, birch leaf, sage, chamomile, etc.) It is possible to take broths inside or make sedentary baths. A characteristic manifestation of cystitis is the so-called dysuria (difficulty, rapid, sometimes painful urination). In such a situation, celery, lime, and chamomile are good; with frequent urges apply melissa, valerian, string or motherwort. In cases of incontinence, you can use St. John's Wort, Peppermint, Ledum, or Herringbone.

cystitis folk cure

If a child's cystitis is detected, treatment should be comprehensive. This means that phytotherapy does not replace antibiotics and uroseptics, but qualitatively complements their action!

Modern biotechnology in phytotherapy

The problem is that for phytotherapyOnly ecologically clean plants should be used, and finding them is extremely difficult. Therefore, at the present time, special preparations based on them are one of the most optimal and safe methods of using medicinal plants. Modern biotechnologies make it possible to obtain medicines containing the most effective concentrations of natural components.

Treatment of cystitis may include a combinedthe drug "Kanefron N" (it consists of lovage, rosemary and gold-bearing). This medication on natural ingredients provides pain relief, prevents the reproduction of bacteria, eliminates them from the bladder. A very positive point is that this drug enhances the action of antibiotics, in addition, it can be prescribed to children, starting at 12 months. If the cystitis in the child is eliminated, the treatment is successfully completed, then it is worth thinking about the prevention of relapses - this is also done with the drug "Kanefron N".

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