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Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths and Reality by Neumyvakin

Ordinary hydrogen peroxide, which can bebuy in absolutely any pharmacy at a very small price - a universal remedy for most existing ailments. So says Professor Neumyvakin, who even wrote a book on this topic. He claims that this compound perfectly protects against strokes, heart attacks, and even prevents the appearance of malignant tumors.

Hydrogen peroxide myths and reality

General information

Many years of research and numerous experimentsfamous scientist did not go in vain. It is worth saying that he tested all the properties of such a composition on his own body, thereby proving that with the help of peroxide, you can give yourself many years of life, prolong youth and get protection from most diseases.

The book of hydrogen peroxide myths and reality

You can see for yourself, justhaving looked at professorial lectures. Neumyvakin is more than 80 years old, and he, without any difficulties, speaks to a huge audience. In addition, the professor gives a lot of interviews, copes well with the management of his own health center, and also writes books (for example, "Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths and Reality", Neumyvakin IP).

What can be cured with peroxide?

Treatment with conventional pharmacy peroxide usuallyspend in order to destroy various fungi, viruses and bacteria. With the help of such a tool it is possible to effectively stimulate and immunity. According to Professor Neumyvakin, who wrote the work "Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths and Reality," you can get rid of it with great success:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • bronchitis, which proceeds in a chronic form;
  • allergic reactions to various stimuli;
  • pulmonary emphysema;
  • leukemia;
  • acute respiratory diseases;
  • diseases of the oral cavity;
  • cancer cells.

This miracle agent can prevent almost all ailments and infections, and, in addition, helps to support all the functions of the human body in the best possible way.

Methods of treatment with peroxide

The necessary scheme of therapy with the help of thisof the universal drug is as follows: firstly, the agent takes one drop (in this case it must be three percent). Neumyvakin ("Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths and Reality") describes that the drug is previously diluted in 50 mg of ordinary boiled water, cooled to room temperature.

Neumyvakin hydrogen peroxide myths and reality
Use this miracle remedy three times a daydaily. After this, every day, you need to add one drop of funds. This means that the next day, hydrogen peroxide should be diluted in the same way in 50 ml of water, but it should take two drops three times a day.

When the number of drops taken at a time becomes ten, the dosage should be left at this level.

Recommended Reception

The scientist in the book "Hydrogen Peroxide: myths and reality "does not recommend increasing the amount of peroxide. This drug needs to be drunk for ten days, and after that you must make a break for a period of three days. As soon as the body rests, you can immediately begin the reception. The scheme is as follows: 10 drops of the drug three times a day. Do not forget that you can not eat before taking hydrogen peroxide, the stomach should be empty. So the remedy will better act on the body and activate all the restorative forces. After that, you can make another break lasting three days, then resume the old scheme of reception.

Injection with peroxide

Professor Neumyvakin cites in his book"Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths and Reality" are examples of the use of such a universal medicine intravenously. He recommends taking a twenty-gram syringe and dialing into it a solution of peroxide with usual saline solution. The remedy should be 3%.

Neumyvakin hydrogen peroxide myths and reality reviews

As for the dosage, then 20 ml of pharmacyof the saline solution is taken up to 0.4 ml of hydrogen peroxide. The solution is injected very slowly into the vein (for two or three minutes). After this, increase the dose of the composition by 0.1 cube. Dosage should be brought to 1 ml peroxide per 20 ml pharmacy saline. Important! Do not perform this procedure without supervision by a specialist!

Peroxide is taken every day, necessary courseprocedures should be from 8 to 9 receptions. After this, you need to take a short break, which can last from two to three weeks. Next two or three times a week, injections are given. The recommended dosage for them by Professor Neumyvakin is 1 ml peroxide per 20 ml of pharmacological saline.

Recipes given in the book

The book "Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths, Reality" by Professor Neumyvakin leads the following methods of treatment with the help of this tool.

Hydrogen peroxide myths and reality are neumyvakin and n

If you suffer from genyantritis, dissolve the peroxidehydrogen in ordinary boiled water (15 drops of the drug per one spoonful of liquid). After this, the prepared mixture should be pipetted and poured into each nostril. When manipulations are carried out, it is necessary to carefully blow out their contents from the nasal sinuses.

From osteochondrosis will help compress, whichperfectly relieve the pain. For this purpose, a piece of cloth from natural raw materials (cotton, linen, etc.) is moistened in this chemist's drug and applied to a place that is very sore. After that, cover it with a transparent food film. Such a compress should be on the patient site for a quarter of an hour, it is advised by Neumyvakin ("Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths and Reality").

Testimonials of those who have tried such a recipe from the book say that they are very effective. They argue that the pain happens after several such manipulations.

It should be remembered that these are only recipes of the famousscientist, who are described in his book "Hydrogen Peroxide: Myths and Reality". But to follow them or not depends on you. In any case, remember that before using peroxide (especially with regard to injections), you should consult a doctor.

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