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Flucinar (ointment)

"Flucinar" (ointment and gel) is a drugsynthetic, for outdoor use. The medication can significantly reduce itching, have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. "Flucinar" ointment (as well as gel) has a vasoconstrictor property.

With external application, the medicine penetratesquickly enough through the stratum corneum, focusing in the skin. Fluorocinol acetonide (active substance) is detected in the cover even after two weeks after applying the drug for the last time. In the systemic circulation, the active component is absorbed in a small amount, while in its blood the more, the more often the use of the drug (in adults, penetration is noted less than in children).

The drug is indicated for acute and severe inflammationskin, accompanied by itching and dryness. "Flucinar" ointment is used most often with the therapy of erythema multiforme, atopic dermatitis, impetiginosic and contact eczema, erythematous and flat lichen, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis. The gel form of the drug is used for psoriasis in the scalp.

The duration of application of the drug, according toannotations, should not exceed two weeks. "Flucinar" (ointment or gel) is applied a thin layer once or twice a day to the affected areas of the skin. The daily dosage of the external agent should not exceed two grams.

The drug is contraindicated for use on the areaface, with viral (herpes, chicken pox) infections of the cover, precancerous conditions and skin tumors, rosacea, dermatoses on the face in the chronic stage, with fungal lesions.

The drug is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

As negative reactions may be notedthe following: dry skin, acne, discoloration of the cover, urticaria. In rare cases, atrophy, alopecia or hair loss, infection of a secondary nature, folliculitis may occur. When using occlusive dressings, an immunosuppressive effect, edema, arterial hypertension is possible.

When using the drug "Flucinar" (ointment),reviews are usually positive. In this case, patients especially note the anti-inflammatory effect of the drug. In practice, cases of a fairly successful discharge from atopic dermatitis have been reported. Specialists note that the desired result can be obtained only if the recommendations of the doctor and instructions for the use of the medication are observed. It should be remembered that this remedy is not intended for use for a long period in view of the high probability of side effects.

With inflammatory and allergic skinpathologies, provoked by secondary infection (bacterial), it is advisable to use the drug "Flucinar H". This medication is also indicated for folliculitis, furunculosis, trophic ulcers on the legs.

Contraindications to its use arehypersensitivity (intolerance) to components, purulent infections in soft tissues and skin of a primary nature, fungal, tuberculosis and viral lesions.

The drug has antiallergic,anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antipruritic effect. "Flucinar H" contributes to the disruption of the functions and structure of cytoplasmic membranes of cells of pathogenic microorganisms, provokes their death.

For prolonged use, andapplication to large areas of skin (using occlusive dressings), patients need to conduct systematic examinations in connection with the probability of manifestations of adverse reactions of a systemic nature.

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