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The stomach or belly hurts in the field of a belly-button. Causes of development of unpleasant sensations

When the stomach hurts in the navel, nothing good signals it. To develop pain can for many reasons and indicate the existence of different pathologies.

In order to determine as accurately as possibleprovoking factor, it is necessary to understand exactly how the abdomen hurts in the navel, that is, the nature of the pain. In addition, it is important to note the duration of sensations.

So, with chronic enteritis, the pain is dull and aching. It can arise, regardless of eating. In addition, what hurts the abdomen in the navel, chronic enteritis is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, anorexia, discomfort. Concomitant clinical manifestations of the pathology are excessive dryness of the skin, general weakness, brittle nails, bleeding gums, as well as increased fatigue.

Acute appendicitis is characterized by sufficienta sharp manifestation. With the development of the condition, the pain is localized in the abdomen to the right. However, it can occur in various parts of it, including the navel. Pressing causes severe pain, which increases with decreasing pressure. Pathology is accompanied by dry mouth, palpitations, and fever. This disease is eliminated by surgery.

When the formation of an elongated orround form diagnose a hernia. Accompanies her pain acute in the navel, vomiting, nausea, gas. Problems with defecation. With hernias, self-medication is unacceptable. Otherwise, serious complications develop.

The stomach or belly in the field of a belly-button and at a cancer of a thin intestine hurts. In addition, the pathology is accompanied by vomiting, spasms, nausea, weight loss, loss of appetite, gas formation.

Intensive pain sensations are characteristic forabdominal migraine. Their duration can be from several hours to several days. Pathology often develops in adolescents. Clinical manifestations of abdominal migraine are also pallor, nausea, numbness in the limbs, diarrhea, vomiting, headache.

Discomfort in the navel area is also characteristic forcurvature of the intestine. This disease is quite sharp, sharp character. The pain is localized in the right part of the abdomen and the navel, accompanied by spasms. Symptoms of the disease are also gas formation, constipation, vomiting.

Acute pain in the abdominal region may indicateembolism of the mesenteric arteries. Often, its localization is observed in the upper quadrant on the right. However, tenderness can also develop in the navel area. The onset of development of pathology is characterized by vomiting and diarrhea. Ischemia of the intestinal wall provokes violent peristalsis and emptying. The development of hemorrhagic diarrhea is observed after a few hours after the onset of the development of the disease, against a background of mucosal infarction.

Pain near the navel during pregnancy is not alwayswill indicate the presence of any danger. Thus, unpleasant sensations in this area are often provoked by a period of fairly intense growth of the abdomen. In this case, the pain is caused by the innocuous tension of the skin.

Also unpleasant symptoms are noted and with weakness of the abdominal wall.

However, it must be remembered that during pregnancy, the risk of developing a hernia is also great. If you have any suspicions, you should consult a doctor.

Pregnancy in general is a special period. During the period, various diseases can be identified. Therefore, women during gestation are advised to report all suspicious manifestations without hesitation to the treating doctor. Thus, it is possible to prevent the development of pathologies or to make sure that there is no danger for either the mother or the child.

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