/ Symptoms of stomatitis in a child. Causes, treatment, prevention

Symptoms of stomatitis in a child. Causes, treatment, prevention

Stomatitis is an inflammatory process of the mucosashell of the oral cavity, which can be caused by the presence of bacteria. These harmful microorganisms can enter the body of the baby through objects of the external environment, but in most cases they are already there. This is normal, because every person has their own bacteria. Only just so they do not start to multiply, it can happen only because of the decrease in immunity. There are very few children in the world who managed to avoid this ailment. Because as with microbes they collide every day, these are the same nipples, small bottles, toys that kids so love to pull into their mouths. Therefore, you must carefully monitor the purity of objects that your child uses to avoid the development of stomatitis. Never without treatment, do not give the baby a pacifier if she has already been on the floor. After washing it is not so difficult!

symptoms of a child's stomatitis

Symptoms of a child's stomatitis

Very often this disease is accompanied by a sharpby raising the temperature, the baby becomes sluggish, refuses to eat. If these symptoms are present, parents should immediately examine the oral cavity of the child. Particular attention should be paid to the place under the tongue and behind the lip. At the first stage of the disease, the mucosa in these places will be shiny and red. And if you do not start treatment in time, the process of developing stomatitis will go further. On the mucous spots will begin to form with a characteristic white coating, which later can develop into sores. But having had time to identify the symptoms of stomatitis in the child at the initial stage, you can prevent their appearance. After all, these sores can be a great inconvenience to your baby.

Stomatitis in children: causes of the disease

causes of stomatitis in children

  • Unwashed hands.
  • Contact with a patient with stomatitis (most often it happens in kindergartens, when a healthy and sick child is playing with toys).
  • Unexpected biting of the tongue or cheek (a wound is formed on the mucosa, into which microbes that can be found on the teeth can quickly get caught).
  • Various chronic diseases (dysbacteriosis, impaired liver function, spastic colitis).
  • The result of the transferred herpes or allergy can also serve to cause symptoms of stomatitis in the child.
  • Bad habit of gnawing nails.

How to treat stomatitis in children with folk remedies?

Of course, in no case should one engage in self-medication, it will be right to immediately consult a dentist. He himself must prescribe the necessary therapy, but there is one "but" ...

children's stomatitis in children
Almost always, along with medicinaldrugs, doctors advise proven means of traditional medicine. Infusion of herbs has helped more than one child. To prepare it, you need to mix in equal proportions sage, chamomile, calendula and blackberry leaves. One glass of this mixture of herbs will require a glass of boiling water. Fill, cover with a lid and let it brew for 15-20 minutes. If the patient is older than 4 years, then he will not have problems with rinsing his mouth, and if still small, then you need to wind on your finger a clean bandage, dip it into infusion and completely process the mouth of the baby. The more often you do, the faster the symptoms of a child's stomatitis.


The most important thing is to monitor personal hygiene, and you need to wash your hands not only for the baby, but for his parents. Periodically process children's toys. Brush your teeth.

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