/ What is microsporia in humans?

What is microsporia in humans?

Microsporia in humans is a fairly common disease that affects the skin and hair. In itself, the pathogen looks like a mosaic of spores.

There are three types of pathogens that causethis disease. The first group includes anthropophilic microorganisms, which can cause disease only in humans. The second group is zoophilic, characteristic of domestic cats and dogs. Already from infected animals microsporia is transmitted to people. The third group is geophysical or soil microorganisms, they are rarely the causative agents of the disease.

Microsporia in humans is characterized by the appearanceon the skin of inflamed spots of pink hue, usually round in shape with clear boundaries. Gradually the rashes begin to peel, causing painful sensations and discomfort. If microsporia in humans affects the scalp, then on this area of ​​hair has a damaged appearance and is covered with white particles of the pathogen.

Of course, you can identify this diseaseonly with the help of a laboratory study of these particles or with the help of a luminescent method. With this method, shine through the rays of the fluorescent lamp, the affected hair, which acquire a greenish glow, indicating that the microsporia is developing. Treatment is chosen depending on the severity of the disease, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. For example, microsporia in children, whose treatment is problematic, requires an accurate knowledge of the body weight, since the dose of medicines is calculated from this.

The main drug is terbinafine, whichcan cause side effects (abdominal pain, allergic rashes on the skin, heaviness in the abdomen, etc.). In combination with the main treatment, stimulant preparations (vitamins, human immunoglobulin) are supposed to be taken.
Also effective for treatmentmicrosporia is the local treatment of lesions. For this, it is necessary to have iodine tincture and sulfuric salicylic ointment. Skin without hair is regularly smeared with iodine in the mornings, and at night apply ointment (the course of treatment is 2-3 weeks). If the microsporia in a person appeared on the scalp, then it is necessary to shave off the rest of the hair and daily lubricate the skin with alcohol tincture of iodine, and before going to bed - sulfur-tar ointment. Always wash your head with water and soap every other day, which helps to speed up the healing and recovery process.

To prevent the reappearancedisease, it is necessary to follow simple rules and carry out preventive measures. To do this, it is mandatory to regularly vaccinate domestic cats and dogs, which are the main vectors of the disease. Also keep the animals clean, provide them with adequate nutrition and regularly disinfect the living area. This will reduce the probability of transmission of the causative agent of infection to humans.

Any damage to the skin should be carefullyTo process, then to impose medical ointments and compresses. The fact is that with insufficient qualitative treatment of wounds and cuts, pathogenic bacteria enter, which begin to multiply and cause unpleasant sensations to a person. Do not remove the drying crusts themselves on sores and scratches, as the microorganisms on their hands begin their negative action. It is for this reason that the disease most often occurs in young children.

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