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Gastroenterologist will tell you how to check your intestines

The intestine is the most important organ in the human body. When it is malfunctioning, all processes in the body are disrupted. Everyone knows an unpleasant sensation of bloating, increased gas formation. Diarrhea and constipation spoil life, worsen its quality, make it often go to the toilet. But there are a lot of other problems with the intestines. It can be pain during defecation, mucus in feces, blood discharge. In diseases of the intestine, digestion is impaired. Dysbacteriosis can occur. It is very important to keep the body clean. And you need to start with a survey. How to check the intestines, the doctor will tell.

How to check the intestines

Causes of bowel disease

It is not a secret for anyone that this body suffers frommalnutrition. Few people pay attention to the quality of food while in the workplace. The rhythm of life does not allow for a long time to be distracted by food. Well and as at the majority of people simply there is no time to prepare, it is no wonder that at them there are problems with digestion. In addition, each part of the intestine has nerve endings. At a time when stress becomes a habit, there is a terrible disease called "irritable bowel syndrome". People struggle with it for years. Against the background of stress, colitis occurs.

How to check the bowels without a colonoscopy
They make life unbearable, because after eachthe intestines are sore, sometimes very hard. Everything inside cuts. Painful sensations increase in the evening, and at night they become unbearable. These problems can be avoided. You just need to take a little closer look at your health.

How to check the intestines

Undoubtedly, at the first signs of discomfort inthe area of ​​this body is worth visiting a gastroenterologist. It is important to select a qualified specialist. The doctor can feel the focus of the lesion and tell how to check the intestine without a colonoscopy, as this procedure scares many. The quality of the research directly depends on the preparation for it. If the problem is not serious, then the pain is absolutely tolerable.

How can I check the intestines
Well, if the doctor suspects that there is anya dangerous deviation from the norm, it is all the more important to be examined on time. If you ask a gastroenterologist how to check the intestines, he will say that it is necessary to pass the feces. This analysis will tell you a lot. In addition, one can be examined for intestinal dysbacteriosis. For this you need to contact the laboratory specialists in advance. They will explain how to properly assemble the analysis, at what time, what kind of dishes to use. How to check the intestines, if you go to the doctor is scary? At home, you are unlikely to determine your ailment. It is important to be examined by a professional. The doctor examines when the patient is lying on his back and completely relaxed. By gentle pressure, the specialist will determine which department of the digestive organ is affected by the disease. Before checking the intestine, it is advisable to go to the toilet so that the stools do not interfere with the medical feeling. If there are abnormalities, the doctor will prescribe pills and a diet. Prescriptions must be strictly followed. The intestine is difficult to treat. You need to be patient and remember that you are doing this for your health.

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