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Acupuncture: indications and contraindications, reviews

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient effects on the human body without the use of any medication.

This doctrine arose several thousand years agoback in China. Its basis lies in the presence on the human body of energy points, when exposed to which you can completely change the circulation of energy in the body. It is thanks to this change that you can eventually achieve many effects, including getting rid of serious diseases. Affect all these points with special needles, but they must be introduced only by a specialist who understands this science and knows which of the points on the body is responsible for the work of which organ. But remember, has acupuncture indications and contraindications, so the doctor should prescribe the procedure.

Acupuncture: Indications

Apply acupuncture for many diseases:

  • Musculoskeletal system: arthrosis, arthritis, heel spurs, muscle strain, scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and many others.
  • Nervous system: neuralgia, migraine, nocturnal enuresis, vegetative-vascular dystonia, radiculitis, etc.
  • Respiratory system: asthma, chronic laryngitis and bronchitis, pneumonia.
  • Cardiovascular system: arrhythmia, cardiac blockade, hypertension and hypertension.
  • Digestive system: constipation, diarrhea, peptic ulcer, stagnation in the bile duct.
  • Genitourinary organs.
  • Gynecology.
  • Allergies.
  • Combating bad habits: smoking, drug addiction and alcoholism.
  • Treatment of excess weight.
    acupuncture indications and contraindications

But as we have already said, acupuncture(indications and contraindications are the place to be) is not always shown, and it is only your doctor who can explain this to you, only with his recommendation should you start this method of treatment. Also it is necessary to know to each person, that apply acupuncture in a complex with medicines, a diet and other therapeutic procedures.

Acupuncture for pregnant women

This procedure helps pregnant womencope with toxemia, reduced tone and weakness in the whole body. Very good effect is observed from the toning procedure during the preparation for childbirth, especially in those cases when the course of treatment is started in advance. In this case, not only the productivity of contractions increases, but they are also not so painful.

But each procedure has its pros and cons, as well as acupuncture and indications, and contraindications, including in the treatment of pregnant women.

acupuncture indications and contraindications

Pregnancy in every woman is leakingin its own way, therefore, the body's response to this procedure may be different. It is for this reason, in order not to admit the deterioration of the condition, in no case can not apply a tonic course at the beginning of pregnancy and in those cases when there is a suspicion of miscarriage. Also, every future mother should remember that if she was prescribed acupuncture, then in the abdomen and thighs the setting of needles is contraindicated.

Acupuncture for children

Very often in the treatment of childhood diseasesprescribe the procedure of acupuncture. But every mother needs to know that she has acupuncture testimony and contraindications to children, so you need to know exactly the cause of the disease and undergo a full examination before applying it.

Adults and children have different feelings about thisprocedure. Acupuncture for children has its own characteristics. The first and most important thing is psychology. Children mostly resist and resist this procedure. If in some cases it is possible to put needles even in such a state to the child, in others it is necessary to achieve complete peace of mind and relaxation of all muscles. Therefore, before going to the procedure, it is better in the form of a game to prepare a child, so that he is not afraid and does not rest.

In which cases acupuncture (indicationsand contraindications for children is important to know to parents) will be most useful? To small children till one year appoint it at neurologic pathologies and perinatal encephalopathy. If treatment is started on time, add medications to it, then severe consequences can be avoided, one of them is cerebral palsy.

acupuncture and indications for children

Children after the year most often acupunctureprescribe for allergies, vegetative-vascular dystonia, neuroses and cerebral palsy. But this procedure should be prescribed by the attending physician who leads the child from his birth and knows everything about his condition, otherwise self-medication can aggravate the course of the illness.

Acupuncture of contraindication

Acupuncture helps with many diseases,especially if it is complex to treat the treatment, but it is also not worth using. After all, acupuncture has indications and contraindications, which can lead to irreversible processes.

Among the contraindications, the following points can be noted:

  • Age of child up to one year. It must be understood that the baby has too thin skin, and the needle can damage the internal organs, so in such cases, this procedure is prescribed very rarely and in the most difficult cases.
  • In tumors, it is also better not to use acupuncture, as this procedure improves blood flow in the body, and in turn it can provoke a rapid growth of neoplasms.
  • In case of blood diseases, it should also be used in very rare cases.
  • Mental disorders. It must be understood that this procedure can cause pain, and this in turn will cause an inadequate response in a patient with an upset mentality.
  • With fever, AIDS, alcohol and drug intoxication, it is better not to apply this procedure.

Acupuncture: side effects

As we have already described in our article, thisthe procedure may not always be useful. And this is due to the fact that you need to introduce needles to different points on the human body, and this is pain and not very pleasant sensations that can lead to aggravation of other diseases. As already mentioned, has acupuncture indications and contraindications, the photo in the article will indicate some features of the procedure. It can bring not only its advantages in treatment, but there are also negative results.

acupuncture indications and contraindications for children

The procedure has several side effects:

  • Pain and small bruises.
  • Through needles can be infected with hepatitis, AIDS and other infections.
  • An inexperienced therapist can damage blood vessels, nerves and tendons when entering the needle.
  • Injuries can lead to rapid growth of tumors.
  • Reduced blood pressure.

But we must remember that getting a positivethe effect of the procedure is possible only if it is conducted by an experienced doctor. But anyway, even if it has acupuncture indications and contraindications, people's reviews still indicate its effectiveness.

Reviews about acupuncture

This procedure, although not everyone likes, butreviews of people who have already experienced it on themselves, mostly positive. Young mothers who encounter such a disease in children, like cerebral palsy, say that after this procedure their children have significant progress in treatment.

acupuncture indications and contraindications reviews

Also very satisfied were those parents who, with the help of this procedure, treated their children from nocturnal enuresis, in most cases managed to cope with the problem.

Not only did the positive feedback received the procedurefrom parents of small children, but also the majority of adults were satisfied with the result of the treatment and could, if not completely get rid of the disease, then alleviate its course.

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