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Chronic tonsillitis: enlarged tonsils in the child

Very often enlarged tonsils in a childtestify to the presence of such a disease as tonsillitis. In toddlers, he usually wears a chronic form, in which periods of exacerbation and well-being change. At the heart of the disease is an infection, an allergic process, which can also accompany the appearance of inflammation. This problem is one of the most common in pediatrics, and it affects children from the age of two.

Why is the enlarged tonsils in the child a problem?

The fact is that they perform a protective function in the body - they do not produce

Enlarged tonsils in a child
only cells of immunity, but also biologicallyactive substances that successfully fight infection. The tonsils are at the entrance to the respiratory tract, as well as into the digestive tract and block the path of microbes. If the inflammation has a chronic form, then it weakens them, the child begins to often get sick. Moreover, it is believed that they are associated with the reproductive organs of a woman, which is why changes and disorders in them can lead to a disorder of the sexual function, including changes in the menstrual cycle. Chronic tonsillitis affects not only the life of the baby, but also its development. Therefore, one can not ignore this disease.

Causes of chronic tonsillitis

Increased tonsils in a child are often due to ARVI, frequent angina.

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Inflammatory processes lead to a changedirectly the structure of the tonsils, the violation of blood flow in them. This creates beneficial conditions for the reproduction of microbes. The cause may be foci of infections in the nasopharynx, and even carious teeth. The doctors noticed that children who are highly sensitive to certain foods most often suffer from this ailment. However, it should be noted that the enlarged tonsils in the child - this is not always a sign of the disease. If they are not inflamed, they do not pose a threat to the health of the baby.

Symptoms of chronic tonsillitis

Tonsils in this disease with their appearance are very similar to the manifestation

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lacunar angina. However, the main difference between angina and tonsillitis is as follows. The sore throat, when properly treated, ends with the complete restoration of the tissues of the tonsils. After illness they can fully fulfill their function. However, in chronic tonsillitis tissue changes occur at the structural level, they cease to cope with their work. At the beginning of the illness the baby does not complain of pain. However, parents begin to notice that the little one often gets cold and is ill for a long time. This is the reason for their appeal to an ENT doctor who will examine the tonsils. Treatment, scheduled in time, will help to avoid surgical intervention. What else is worth paying attention to? The child has an increase in the lymph nodes of the cervical spine. The temperature rises in periods, but to low marks. The kid can complain of dryness in the throat, the result can be coughing. An unpleasant smell comes from the mouth. All these signs indicate that it is necessary to examine the tonsils.

Treatment that is not performed in a timely manner can lead to complications such as joint damage, the appearance of heart disease, kidney problems, and metabolic disorders.

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