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How to smoke a hookah? Ways and rules

Certainly, the East understands the sense in the non-alcoholicpastime. Hookah, he's bury, shisha, goa, huka, jajir, nargila - this is a terrific thing! Calms, relaxes, sets on sincere sincere conversation. In this article you will learn how to smoke a hookah right.

Hookah is the safest method of smokingtobacco, as only juices are smoked. For this reason, tobacco for hookah is sticky and wet. After the end of smoking, tobacco does not burn and does not turn into ashes, but only dries up. The smoke emitted during hookah smoking is 95 percent water vapor, so it does not dry up the throat. This smoke, dissolving in the atmosphere, leaves behind a pleasant sweet aroma, which will please even those who do not smoke.

How to smoke a hookah right?

There are certain rules that needadhere to. First, the hookah is smoked on a full stomach in a soothing atmosphere, reclining or sitting on a low sofa. Required musical accompaniment.

There are also some rules of etiquette:

  • you can not light a cigarette from the hookah's coal;
  • it is forbidden to put a hookah higher than lying or sitting;
  • Mundushuk can not be transferred from one source to another, it should simply be put side by side;
  • You can smoke only special hookah tobacco;
  • it is forbidden to drink any alcohol (karkad tea is most suitable for hookah);
  • inside the hookah you can not pour alcohol. Sometimes high-quality wine is used - for aromatization of tobacco. In no case this wine can not be drunk, since it contains harmful impurities - tar and ash.

How many years can you smoke a hookah? In the Russian Federation, according to the law, tobacco (and, accordingly, hookah) can be smoked from the age of eighteen.

To date, there are several methods of smoking hookah:

  • for flavored tobacco use chilim(narrow bowl) having several holes inside. After the correct laying of tobacco, the chilim is covered with a foil with holes, on which hot coals are placed. Hot air during inspiration passes through the tobacco. In this case, the tobacco itself does not burn, as when smoking conventional cigarettes. This, as well as the use of simple water, makes the hookah a less harmful method of smoking;
  • for hookah black tobacco is usedwide chilim is used. This eliminates the need for foil. Coal is placed directly on the tobacco. Accordingly, the smoke is stronger. However, this method of wide distribution in Russia has not received.

What is better to smoke a hookah?

Most often, a simple water pipe is poured into the hookah. Than it will be colder, the better. If you put ice in the water, the smoke will become colder and more comfortable. Especially it is suitable for small hookahs, as their flasks heat up very quickly. Less - this effect lasts for a relatively short time.

You can use milk instead of water. How to smoke a hookah with milk? It is diluted in a proportion of two to one, since in pure form milk has a strong foaming property. In small flasks you can add ice. Hookah made on milk is considered clean, soft and pleasant. Minus - not all tastes come with milk. Ideal combinations are milk-vanilla or milk-chocolate. After the milk, the shaft, the hookah flask and the tube must be rinsed well.

In addition to milk and water, a hookah can be filled with juice - from a pack or freshly squeezed. Just like milk, the juice must be diluted with water with ice. It is desirable that the taste of tobacco be combined with the taste of the juice.

Finally, the hookah can be filled with wine,Champagne, rum, sambuca or absinthe. Before smoking a hookah with alcohol, the drink must be diluted with water and added ice. In this case, alcohol will be given only by couples.

Hookah can not smoke on beer and vodka, as these drinks give unpleasant bitterness, and on Coca-Cola, as it is an aggressive environment for metal parts.

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