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How to dress the lenses on the eyes with one or both hands

Everyone who wears glasses dreams of removing them, but at the same timeto see the world around him clearly and clearly. Modern ophthalmology offers various methods of correcting vision. These include laser surgery to correct vision, wearing glasses, all kinds of techniques to strengthen the eye muscles and the use of contact lenses. The easiest way to get rid of glasses is using soft contact lenses.

At the initial stage for a beginnerthere will be a question: how to wear lenses. After all, they are made of a flexible and thin material. First of all, before you take the lens, you need to clean your hands of dust and dirt with a detergent. This procedure helps to avoid infection and foreign bodies (villi, fluff, fungi, microorganisms) in the eye. A hard towel or microfiber cloth is suitable for wiping hands. These materials do not contain pile, therefore, before putting on the lenses, the fingers will be cleaned of foreign particles. Otherwise, feelings of discomfort and rezi in the eyes can not be avoided.

As a rule, an ophthalmologist appoints wearing lensesdifferent diopters. In this case, it is worthwhile to master the main rule - to put on and remove the lens must be strictly from the left (or right) eye. This action will avoid confusion. If the doctor has appointed lenses of the same corrective force, then the procedure for inserting the lens into the eye and removing it does not matter.

care of contact lenses

There are two methods of inserting soft contactlenses. To begin with, the lens should be removed from the package (container) and checked for consistency and correct position. The inverted lens is like a plate with edges pointed in different directions. With the correct position, the lens should be in the shape of a bowl with edges pointing upwards.

how to dress lenses

1. How to wear lenses with one hand

Using the index finger of the left hand, the lensdresses on the eyeball, while the middle finger pulls the lower part of the century. Lifting the sclera up, then you should lower your eyes to plant the lens in place and remove the finger from the lower eyelid. Close the eye - the lens should fit itself on the pupil. Exactly the same actions are performed with the right lens.

2. How to dress the lenses with both hands

how to dress a lens

Using the index finger of the left hand, the lensis inserted on the sclera. At this time, the middle finger of the same hand pulls the lower eyelid, and the other hand - the upper one. Without removing your hands, you turn your eyes to the right and to the left. This is necessary for the lens to stand on its exact place.

Carefully remove your fingers and blink. Repeat the same steps with the other lens.

To remove it, you need to look up, andwith your finger pull the lower eyelid. With the index finger, the lens moves from the eyeball and is removed from the eye. Carefully spreading the lens, you should put it in storage in a special solution.

lens liquid

Care of contact lenses

  1. Strict observance of cleanliness of hands. Before carrying out manipulations with lenses, you should not use lotions and creams, and your hands should be washed with soap.

  2. Lenses are dressed before applying makeup.

  3. The liquid for the lens in the container must always be filled only fresh.

  4. Do not use self-made solutions or water (boiled, distilled, filtered, carbonated, etc.) for storage and for wetting.

  5. It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning (once a week) of contact lenses with a special peroxide system.

  6. In no case can you moisten the lens with saliva and take them in your mouth.

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