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The means "Uroprofit". Instructions for use

"Uroprofit" remedycharacterizes as a preparation of plant origin. The biologically active components present in it have antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effects in the complex. The drug shows a diuretic effect, prevents the formation of urinary stones, normalizes the process of urination. During therapy the probability of a repeated exacerbation of a chronic cystitis decreases. The drug improves the functional state of the urinary tract and kidneys.

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Component properties

According to the information that containsthe preparation "Uroprofit" instructions for use, in the composition there is an extract of cranberry fruits. It has a restorative effect, shows a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect. The latter is associated with the presence of chlorogenic and benzoic acid in berries.

Anti-inflammatory effect is manifesteddue to the presence of acid ursolic. The component increases the activity of the uroseptic medicines of the group of sulfonamides and antibiotics. The extract of bearberry contained in the preparation shows antimicrobial effect. This action is due to the presence of methylarbutine and arbutin. These components are cleaved in the body and show antibacterial effects of pronounced nature.

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Due to this, the urinary tract is clearedfrom the pathogenic microflora. Leaves bearberry contain tannic compounds. Thanks to them, anti-inflammatory effect is manifested. Due to flavonoids diuresis increases with elimination of chlorine and sodium ions from the body. The extract prevents reabsorption in the renal tubules of uric acid, increases its solubility, thus preventing the formation of stones.

Bearberry also strengthens actionanti-inflammatory and uroseptic drugs. Extract of field horsetail, also present in the preparation "Uroprofit", removes toxins from the urinary tract, helps to protect the epithelium against the background of inflammation. The component has a mild antispasmodic effect, exhibits antiseptic effect. In the formation of the antioxidant status of the body, vitamin C participates. Being present in the composition of the drug, this component increases resistance to infections, reducing the severity of inflammation.

uroprofit instructions for use


"Uroprofit" remedyrecommends in the recovery period after operations on the urinary tract. The drug is indicated for the elimination of violations of the urinary system, improving its activity, preventing repeated exacerbations of chronic pathologies.

The means "Uroprofit". Instruction and price

Bioadditive is prescribed to adults twice a day forcapsule. Take the drug should be with food. Duration of therapy is a month. The appointment of repeated courses is carried out by a doctor, if necessary. The cost of the money is from 225 rubles.

Contraindications and side effects of the drug "Uroprofit"

Reviews about the drug of both patients and doctorsvery positive. Specialists, in particular, note the high effectiveness of the drug, good tolerability, the minimum number of contraindications. Patients note that improvement in the condition, normalization of the process of urination occurs relatively quickly with regular intake of the drug in accordance with the prescription of the doctor. The "Uroprofit" tool does not allow the use of the instructions for pregnant and lactating women. Contraindications for hypersensitivity drug.

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