/ How is atopic dermatitis treated in a child?

How is the treatment of atopic dermatitis in a child?

In the first months of the life of the baby, parentsface a great many problems, in particular related to health crumbs. So, most often in children is diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. According to specialists, it arises because of excessive sensitivity of the skin. What is this disease? What should be the treatment of atopic dermatitis in a child? The answers to these and many other related questions we will try to give in this article.

treatment of atopic dermatitis in children
general information

Before proceeding to the question of whatconsists in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in a child, it is necessary to understand the essence of this ailment. So, the first manifestations of the disease, as a rule, are small redness on the cheeks, as well as on the scalp. If in time to not take measures for treatment, reddenings will spread to the knees, wrists and folds of the elbows. It should be noted that the disease itself is also accompanied by severe itching, which causes a lot of anxiety to the baby. In particularly neglected situations, small swellings on the skin are often observed, which subsequently become fissured during combing.

Causes of Atopic Dermatitis

  • Today, experts are of the opinion thatthis disease is hereditary, and with allergic nature. So, if parents have previously been diagnosed with this ailment, the likelihood of developing it in crumbs is also great.
  • causes of atopic dermatitis
    In addition, the presence of various fungi on the skin can also provoke the appearance of this diagnosis.
  • On the other hand, complications during pregnancy,use during the gestation period of some groups of drugs, viral diseases of the future woman in labor - all this may become the immediate cause of the subsequent development of atopic dermatitis in a child.
  • As is known, the appearance of skin ailments is closelyis associated with the work of the digestive tract. So, if there is a dysbacteriosis or other problems of the gastrointestinal tract in the anamnesis, most likely, parents will have to think in the future about such a question as the treatment of atopic dermatitis in a child.

Of course, we listed only the most important factors affecting the onset of this disease. In fact, there are several more.

treatment of atopic dermatitis in children under one year of age
Treatment of atopic dermatitis in children

First of all, it should be noted that whenthe occurrence of the very first signs parents should immediately seek advice from a pediatrician. The doctor, in turn, must find out the true causes that led to the development of the disease, through a series of analyzes. This and a general blood test, and ultrasound examination of the abdominal organs, and a smear from the throat, and even an analysis of food allergens. The main principle of therapy in this case is to eradicate the root cause and all provoking factors. On the other hand, the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children up to a year often consists in combating the underlying diseases, a short list of which we indicated above (dysbacteriosis, ENT infection, etc.). In order to reduce the risk of a recurrence, it is better to adjust the work of the entire immune system. To reduce the allergic reaction, it is enough to take special antihistamine preparations. Do not forget about the unpleasant itch, which accompanies most often this disease. It is enough simply to select external means to reduce it.

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