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Stomatitis in adults. Treatment at home is realistic

Diseases of the mouth - one of the most common among other diseases. One of them is stomatitis in adults, whose treatment requires a competent approach.

stomatitis in adults treatment at home
Stomatitis is a disease in whichinflammation and affects the mucous epithelium of the oral cavity. There is an opinion that this is an infantile disease, but there is also stomatitis in adults, treatment at home is quite real. Such factors as:

  • low-quality prosthesis or their non-professional installation;
  • lack of vitamins in the body - avitaminosis, which often manifests itself in winter;
  • the use of pastes and other oral hygiene products, which include sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • smoking;
  • vomiting, loss of blood, diarrhea, prolonged high temperature, which lead to dehydration of the body, etc.

stomatitis in mouth treatment
All these factors, many of which at firstthe view is not relevant to the oral cavity, lead to a disease such as stomatitis in adults, treatment at home is widely discussed in dentists.

Most often, adults have the following types of stomatitis:

  • chronic herpetic;
  • aphthous;
  • ulcerative necrotic stomatitis of Vincent;
  • prosthetic.

Different depending on the type may be signsdiseases and complaints of stomatitis in the mouth, the treatment of which may also be different. The main indicators and methods of treatment are similar. Stomatitis in adults (treatment at home is not always possible) in the case of serious forms requires medical attention.

There are many common signs of stomatitis. The first are strong pain in the mouth with food. The second is the appearance of small puffiness and ulcerous formations. Also, the temperature can rise sharply, lymph nodes may increase. The third sign can be called a smell from the mouth, increased salivation and the fact that the gums begin to bleed.

how to treat stomatitis in the home
The final diagnosis in such a disease asThe stomatitis, which treatment often happens long, can be put after the analysis of a blood and a saliva. At home, you can fight the disease by mouth rinsing with various solutions, such as furatsilina or potassium permanganate, as well as hydrogen peroxide and rivanol. It is suitable to apply a tampon moistened with a solution of medicinal herbs to a sore spot. It is advisable to repeat the rinsing procedure approximately every three hours. In addition to them, for example, antiviral ointments (oxolinic or tebrofenic) may be prescribed. The restorative funds will come in handy. Another great fit folk remedies, for example, the use of various herbs of herbs. Thus, on the question of how to treat stomatitis in the home, you can find a number of answers. However, it is possible to be treated by such methods only with the permission of the doctor.

So, today is quite common stomatitisin adults, treatment at home is characterized by simplicity and accessibility. If you start treating it at an early stage, then the effect will be visible almost immediately. But you should first consult a doctor.

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