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The lower abdomen hurts on the left

Often people say that they have a sore bottombelly left. And most of them do not pay much attention to this, believing that this is nothing serious, and their health is not threatened. Many people think that it's just because of their way of life, someone is on diets, someone's pain can be a consequence of frequent or persistent stress. And kind of people are right. However, in any matter that concerns health, you can not just rely on luck and your opinion, if you are not a doctor, of course. Often, such pain can be the cause of serious diseases and problems.

When you have a lower abdominal pain on the left, this can indicate a huge number of diseases, both serious and not so. So do not panic at once.

It is important not only that the lower abdomen hurts on the left,but the nature of this pain is also important. You need to remember how the pain arose: gradually or abruptly. It is also necessary to pay attention to whether any other symptoms accompany abdominal pain. It can be nausea, headache, fever, and so on. Think about whether the pain can be associated with the menstrual cycle.

Most often the lower abdomen hurts on the left side whendiverticulitis. Patients also experience nausea, chills, fever, and constipation. In this case, you can not do without a doctor. Also the reason can be a strangulated hernia. Here, as you know, you can not do without a doctor.

In women, pain often occurs with cystitis. Pain is accompanied, in this case, by painful and frequent urination with an admixture of blood. If there are none, then the pain most likely indicates inflammation of the uterine appendages.

Almost every woman complains of pain at the bottomstomach during menstruation. This is due to the rupture of the follicles and the release of the oocytes. The pain must be sharp and sharp. If the stomach hurts during the menstrual period, then you should not worry. This happens with everyone, and there's nothing to worry about, just women are so arranged. And only in very, very rare cases, pain with menstruation can indicate any inflammatory processes.

Also, the stomach can also hurt during pregnancy, in this case, immediately consult a doctor.

If the pain you have suddenly and abruptly, thenit is most likely a bleeding, perforation, torsion or organ rupture. The same can occur with colic of the gastrointestinal tract or urinary canals. When the pain occurs gradually, then, perhaps, it is inflammation or obstruction.

When the lower abdomen hurts on the left and the pain is blunt, thenmost likely develops some kind of inflammatory process. Periodicity and duration of pain helps to establish the nature of the disease. If you have suffered this before, or if it continues for a very long time without interruption, then this indicates a chronic illness. If you do not know what exactly you are sick, then consult a doctor immediately.

Pain in the lower abdomen on the left in men, like in women,can be a symptom of absolutely different diseases. Therefore, with any pain in the lower abdomen, you must always contact the urologist, without delaying this matter for later, otherwise there can be serious consequences. The pain can be different, both sharp, and dull or aching, it usually gives to the perineum or the groin. A disease can be the following: cystitis, prostate adenoma, prostatitis, as well as urethritis.

When the stomach hurts the child, immediately consult a doctor.

It often happens that the sharp pains in the lower abdomen are immediately accepted by parents for appendicitis, but other options should not be overlooked.

In general, as you understand from this article, the reasons,on which the stomach can be sick can be completely different. Proceeding from this, it can be concluded that it is best to go to a doctor than to engage in self-medication, because abdominal pain can serve as a symptom of many serious diseases.

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