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How to treat an ear at home with folk remedies

The reasons why a lot of ears can get sick: this is trauma, and hypothermia, and others. Of course, if you have unpleasant sensations, you should immediately contact a specialist. However, if for some reason this can not be done, the ear can be treated with plant remedies.

Signs of the inflammatory process

How to treat an ear at home

Before deciding how to treat an ear in your homeconditions, it is necessary to differentiate the symptoms of the disease. First, it starts not to be heavily pawned, after which it starts to make noise in the ear, and the effect is created, as if a bank is attached to it. Pain may appear much later. These manifestations indicate an inflammatory process. If you do not start on time to be treated, then the disease can take a more serious form and go, for example, to the inner ear. And it will be much more difficult to get rid of otitis.

How to treat an ear at home with folk remedies

The first way is very original. To do this, you need to take a large sheet of thick paper, preferably blue. Collapse it with a funnel. Then you need to insert a narrow end to the patient in the ear, and a wide burn. When the funnel almost all burns, it should be pulled out. Having done this manipulation with the second organ of hearing, you can be sure that the pain and

Ear Disease
deafness disappeared. If this method of how to treat an ear at home, you do scary, then you can use lighter methods. For example, put a piece of onions in the diseased organ of hearing and wrap the entire head with a warm kerchief.

Cake with cumin

Presence of shooting, pulsating pain can betry removing in the following way. It is necessary to take five large spoons of rye flour, 25 grams of cumin and juniper. The last two components should be preliminarily ground to the state of the powder. Then add water, flour and make a dough. From it bake a cake, remove from it a crust and impregnated with alcohol. While she has not cooled down, her ears cover her. When the crumb cools, it is removed, and in the ear canal

Ear infection
put a tampon moistened with almond oil.

Vanga's Recipe

Determining how to treat the ear at home,you can pay attention to the following recipe. It is necessary to take a cotton swab and moisten it in an alcohol solution with a mummy. Then lightly squeeze and lay in the diseased organ of hearing. Preparation of the solution: 3 grams of mummy should be poured with a small amount of hot water, wait until dissolved. Then, in equal amounts, mix boric alcohol, albucid, mummy (1 tsp). A small amount of the mixture should be heated before use. In the ear, it is necessary to dig in not more than eight drops 4 times in 24 hours.

Means from onions

Inflammation of the ear can be removed and using the usualonions. Freshly squeezed juice is not recommended, as it can cause not only irritation, but also lead to a burn of already damaged tissues. However, mixing its juice with linseed oil, you can cure the disease without harmful effects on the skin. These two components should be used in equal proportions. How to treat an ear at home in this way? Very simply: you should moisten the cotton swab with a mixture and insert it into your ear for three hours.

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