/ Why does the clitoris hurt?

Why the clitoris hurts

What is a clitoris, today knowsalmost every man and woman. In general, this body in something similar to the sexual member of the stronger sex. However, the first is much inferior to the penis in size. As for the basic function of the clitoris, it primarily consists in the accumulation and concentration of the sexual sensations of the possessor. For example, it is the excitement of this body and testifies to the sexual excitement of a certain representative of the beautiful half of humanity. However, if the erection of the male penis occurs in most cases in a short period of time, the so-called erection of the female clitoris is carried out not less than one to two minutes after any action of the direct stimulus.

The clitoris is easy to find. In a calm state, it resembles a small soft grain near the lip of the labia. As for the excited state, at such a moment this organ strongly protrudes above the surface of the female genitalia, resembling a seal of the size of two rice grains.
Quite often, the representatives of the beautifulsex there are unpleasant sensations in this area. If you have a clitoris, then, first of all, you need to identify the cause of such feelings. There are actually a lot of them. The clitoris is sick at diseases which it is accepted to name sexual infections. This is most often vulvovaginitis or common thrush, as well as genital herpes. In addition, it is with such ailments that a woman can observe a white coating on the clitoris and adjacent genitals. Try to remember if there were no intercourse with a partner in the next two to three weeks without protection.

This information will help establish the truethe cause of what is happening. The clitoris of young mothers hurts immediately after the birth. If you have this situation, then there is no cause for concern. The pain will soon pass.
If a woman quite often engages in oralsex with a man who makes her so-called cunnilingus, it is possible that she will have an itch of the clitoris. This often happens if the technique of performing cunnilingus simply does not comply with the rules. The clitoris hurts, because it is very sensitive. And with excessive stimulation, biting and rough sex, the body can be damaged, which causes a woman a lot of unpleasant sensations.
The clitoris hurts if a woman has genitaliathere are any abrasions or scratches, irritations and rashes. Quite often, trauma to the organ leads to the formation of a hematoma in this place. We must not forget that if a woman does not observe basic rules of personal hygiene, itching and pain in the clitoris is not ruled out. It is worth noting that with specific testimony of a specialist, some women do so-called circumcision, which in something similar to circumcision in men.

The considered organ of the reproductive systemrepresentatives of the fair sex is arranged in such a way that under his hood can accumulate a sufficiently large amount of special fluid. It is called a smegma. As a result, during sexual intercourse and preliminary stimulation, this hood gradually opens. In the aftermath of the clitoris, a woman feels a sharp pain. In order to avoid such consequences, you should regularly and carefully try to wash the hood and the clitoris with warm water.

Above, the possible causes of pain in a verysensitive sexual organ of the fairer sex. In conclusion, it should be said that in the case of prolonged itching and pain in the clitoris, it is necessary to consult the attending physician without fail. Thus, it is often enough to avoid complications of serious diseases.

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