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Cure psoriasis celandine and other herbs

Like many diseases, psoriasis is treatedpreparations of organic and synthetic origin, both traditional and non-traditional methods. The first method is based on medication by chemotherapy and phototherapy. The second method (alternative) involves the use of various lotions, gruel and other natural products that were used by our grandparents.

treatment of psoriasis celandine

One of the most popular ways is totreatment of psoriasis with herbs. The result has to wait a long time, since it is a chronic disease, but there are no strong relapses with this approach.

However, do not forget that even innocuous,it seems that the herbs can harm the precious health, so treatment with lotions, baths, compresses, etc. should also be carried out under the supervision of a specialist who is able to assess the dynamics of the disease (positive or negative). However, the only risk in the treatment of plants are possible allergic reactions or individual patient intolerance to certain types of herbs. However, with the drug treatment, these problems are also not excluded.

Well proven in an alternativemedicine of the turn and chaga. However, in the first place on the effectiveness is still another herb: let not everyone knows how to treat psoriasis celandine, but many wondering about the miraculous properties of this plant. Here the same mechanism of skin repair works as with abrasions and scratches. It is the tremendous ability of this herb to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells and make the treatment of psoriasis celandine the most effective. This plant has been used to combat this disease for a long time.

For the treatment, plant juice is used in its pure form by applying to the affected skin. At the same time it is recommended to drink a decoction of herbs and add it to the baths.

treatment of psoriasis with herbs

Treatment of psoriasis celandine can be combined with other natural means, for example, make a decoction of it and pansies in a ratio of 1: 1 and take inside.

However, treatment of psoriasis with celandine should be cautious, especially with internal application, since the toxicity of this plant has been known for a long time.

psoriasis treatment photo
For the same reason, long-term treatment is best not to use juice, but ointments and compresses based on it, as well as mix with the children's cream grass cakes and apply to affected areas of the skin.

The treatment will be more effective if combinedhealing "abilities" of celandine and chagas (wood mushroom, from which, by grinding and mixing with water in a proportion of 1: 5, make infusion and take inward according to the scheme: three months of intake / week break for a year or more). It is noteworthy that Chaga, in addition to reducing the manifestations of psoriasis, has a general strengthening effect on the body.

In any case, do not neglect the tipsspecialist. If you want to defeat psoriasis, treatment (photo demonstrates the condition of the skin before and after treatment) under the supervision of a doctor will be more effective.

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